Tastes of Summer: Visit Langeberg Part 3

Langeberg, Lifestyle Section, Travel By Jan 02, 2018

Continuing with our adventures from Day 2 (Read Part 1 here and Part 2 Here) we explored more of the Langeberg region by heading to Zandvliet in Ashton. We were greeted with refreshing glasses of Clemengold Gin and Tonics by Leslie who then guided us into the cellar and on an interesting tour of the artwork. The pic below of us was swiped from Mira at Hot Oven Marketing.

My battery had begun to die so I didn’t get as many snaps as I would of liked to but I highly recommend visiting Zandvliet which has so much to offer and such a lovely relaxed vibe. The Wine Blending Experience takes place surrounded by the barrels and was a ton of fun. A much more relaxed wine blending experience and dare I say I think I blended a true winner. Look out for “One Bottle At A Time” at the wine awards soon!

After working hard to blend our wines we were then treated to a delicious Citrus and Wine Pairing. I really regret not purchasing a bottle or two of the Kalkveld Shiraz but see it is available on Cybercellar so will stock up. It was divine!

After a fun day we then headed off to Agterkliphoogte Valley which is 40 minutes from Ashton. We cranked up some old school tunes and sang (me rather badly) along which made this trip feel not even 10 minutes. However, Agterkliphoogte Valley feels like the “middle of nowhere” when you get there. Windfall Wines Cottages was our destination and home for the night and with it’s vast views there is an immediate sense of calm and tranquility.

The cottages are all so cute and beautiful inside. I am definitely planning to stay here again. Perhaps even in winter, I can imagine curling up with a good book while the rain pours down over the valley. Since it was a scorcher when we were there I was mildy tempted to go for a dip in the pool but we ended up sitting cooling our feet enjoying the flight of Windfall wines set up for us and chatting the night away.

So what does one do early on a Sunday morning in Langeberg? Head to FourCousins in Robertson. I’ve written about my experience here before and again they did not disappoint. We were treated to wine and olive pairings, their quirky “Everyones Favourite” pairing with a zoo biscuit, a refreshing Boet beer tasting and of course the famous FourCousins Granita seen below. The perfect end to an incredible weekend!

Thank you so much Mira and Hot Oven Marketing for such a memorable trip!