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A number of the products and services featured on One Stiletto At A Time, over the years, were given to us from the brands themselves or representatives/PR companies of the brands for possible review purposes. There is an understanding that I am under no obligation to feature these products and do not receive compensation for these reviews unless otherwise stated. I choose to review only products or services that I, Abigail Buchanan, or a representative of One Stiletto At A Time, have personally used or experienced first-hand.

All reviews and opinions are unbiased. I strive to try to give the pros and cons. I will not feature a product if it is not up to standard and serves no purpose to feature on the blog or any of my other social media platforms. 

I prefer using this platform to promote positive and helpful posts rather than posts about disappointing products or experiences. I inform the company, marketing manager or PR directly. In the hope that by making them aware of any shortfalls or room for possible improvement, it can provide feedback to the brands regarding this. Also, to ensure that they and the brand understand. As to why I will not be featuring the product or lifestyle experience.  

Sponsored Posts

I do feature sponsored posts from time to time. I only accept products/services/experiences from brands that align with my brand and site, that I like and use myself, or am open to using and experiencing. Which we feel will appeal to my readers.

Brands provide compensation to secure a product feature, mention, or link on onestilettoatatime.com. My opinion on a paid product remains unbiased. I will thoroughly test a product before accepting this. All posts Sponsored Posts will be listed as sponsored according to our Disclosure Ranking and feature at the bottom of each post. Should we feature a product or be paid to do so on any of my other linked social media platforms, one or both of these hashtags #Spon or #Ad will be within the post. 

Often Sponsored Posts are with brands I’ve worked with before, whether in a paid or gifted capacity and have seen via insights and feedback that they appeal to One Stiletto At A Time’s audience. 


I am always open to doing campaigns and collaborating with brands that align with my site and readers. Should a company wish to send through a proposal or discuss a potential campaign collaboration? Then please get in touch at editor@onestilettoatatime.com

For campaigns, I receive compensation. Paid campaigns will be disclosed as such (using the Disclosure Ranking) at the end of each post. Usually, a campaign is a post/series of posts about a particular brand/product. If it or elements pertaining to the campaign feature on one or more of our other social media platforms, as with all paid content, One Stiletto At A Time, will always use the Hashtag #Ad. Not only for legal purposes but for transparency purposes too.  


At times, the use of affiliate links may apply. These are links from which the site generates a small compensation percentage should you use the link or purchase from that site. You will never pay more for purchasing via an affiliate link. When making any purchase making use of these affiliate links does help us. A website has a fair amount of overhead expenses so showing support is always appreciated. 

Any personal details obtained or provided as outlined by law upon acceptance of the initial pop-up. Including any potential use of Cookies is updated to abide by the current regulations. One Stiletto At A Time strictly abides by Google Best Practices guidelines. 


I will only feature banners from stores that I, Abigail Buchanan, or a trusted representative on behalf of the One Stiletto At A Time, made use of or have been made aware that the store is a trusted retailer by a reliable source. We take no responsibility for any potential issues when using these links to make online purchases. All purchases online made online are at your own discretion. Note that all banners featured on the website do receive compensation. The majority follow the same practices as the Affiliate Links mentioned above do. 

Photography/Copyrighted Material/Site Content

Most of the images featured on this site belong to Abigail Buchanan and are therefore copyright material. Any product image not owned by us but featured will have been provided to us by the PR/Brand that holds the rights to those images for marketing purposes. This permission is then solely granted to One Stiletto At A Time for the use of marketing purposes only. We will always give credit if required. 

Should any content/photographs/reviews taken from onestilettoatatime.com for non-commercial purposes be used in any capacity without crediting us and without asking us for permission first. You can contact us via email at editor@onestilettoatatime.com. Otherwise, should the content not be duly credited or removed. A request to Google will be issued noting the violation and have the content removed from your domain should the content not be duly credited. Note, that this does affect your site’s domain ranking as it is a violation of their policies. Your site will be demarked by Google.

If any photography, graphics or content from onestilettoatatime.com be used in a Commercial Use capacity. Then compensation is required should there not be a formal agreement between the involved parties. Any company that uses any Copyrighted content from this site will be held accountable by Copyright Laws and liable to provide subsequent compensation. Should a request be sent by us, for immediate removal of the content from the site using the content be made it should be done so and removed from their servers. Legally fair compensation may be put forward. Specifically, in any cases where the use of this content could be deemed to have had a negative effect on the One Stiletto At A Time brand or its founders’ (Abigail Buchanan, also known as Abby Buchanan) reputation or brand.


Unless otherwise stated, winners are chosen at random via Rafflecopter. Blogging should be transparent and open. If any readers or brands have any queries then just pop me an email at editor@onestilettoatatime.com

Please see our Disclosure Ranking:

1) Feature. One Stiletto At A Time has no obligation or direct affiliation or received any form of compensation from the brand, product or service mentioned.

2) Affiliate links. Posts may, from time to time, include affiliate marketing links. If a reader follows the link and makes a purchase, One Stiletto At A Time will receive an affiliate commission on that sale at no extra cost to the reader.

3) Reviews. Products, samples, accommodation, experience or services were provided in lieu of compensation. In this instance, One Stiletto At A Time has received free/paid-for products, event tickets, meals, accommodation or other services in return for a social media mention, blog post or review.

4) Sponsored Posts. In this case, One Stiletto At A Time has received compensation for promoting a particular brand, product, event or service.

5) Campaign. One Stiletto At A Time received monetary compensation and is legally bound to promote a particular brand, product, event or service for an agreed-upon period.

Obligations and Discretion 

One Stiletto At A Time reserves the right to accept or decline any opportunities at their discretion and is not obligated to write about all products or services offered. Not all products or services are guaranteed a positive review. Should a product or service be deemed a negative experience. In such cases, we will contact the brand directly to inform them of our decision and will not feature the product or service. We will not be held accountable or liable to reimburse any expenses for the products or experiences received and used should we decide to not feature on our blog or any of our online platforms. This is at our full discretion. We do not take any choice regarding what to feature or accept lightly. 

We strive to feature products, services, experiences and brands on our platforms which we feel will add value and are relevant to our readerships.

One Stiletto At A Time
Abigail Buchanan (Abby Buchanan)

(Updated 04/08/2022)

Note that our policies are subject to change. 

*We are aware that several of our previously posted Sponsored and Ad Campaign posts have not been updated yet with the Disclosure Ranking. We are in the process of doing so. One Stiletto At A Time has been running for 11 years, so many posts to ensure the site is fully compliant with our current standards.