Catrice Gradation Blush Review

At the recent Cosmetix event I picked up this pretty, pretty limited edition blush. The blush is extremely well pigmented so use a nice gentle handle and stroke to apply. I find myself working my brush from the lightest side to only the middle for a natural flush. Catrice Gradation blush is from their limited edition line CRÈME FRESH which is still available in stores but it is best to hurry if you want one of your own!



Available in C01 Waterloo Sunrise it retails for R62.95 as is available at Dischem and Clicks stores nationwide


Skinny Green Coffee Review

I am not one to usually promote weight-loss products but this is more of a kick-starter and it can be very useful come winter time when we tend to pack on those extra kilos. Simply put it is an instant coffee that helps one burn fat, it also boosts your metabolism and is rich in anti-oxidants.


SKINNY Green Coffee is an all natural recipe containing raw unroasted coffee beans, rich in caffeine (recognized to boost metabolism), Chlorogenic acid which is known to inhibit the absorption of fat and glucose. Yerba Mate, reduces triglyerides and modulates glucose metabolism. Antioxidant activity is also promoted.

Another key ingredient in SKINNY green coffee is Evodiamine, which has thermogenic properties, your metabolism is forced to speed up and work harder resulting in more calories and fat being burnt and less fat being stored. It also contains Raspberry Ketones that assist in increased metabolism of fat by the liver resulting in decreased liver triglycerides and visceral (abdominal) fat tissue.

So what does it taste like and does it work?
Firstly the taste is interesting, it has a distinct coffee aroma with the sweeter notes from the raspberry ketones present. The taste is pleasant but it definitely doesn’t taste like your regular cuppa. This is a good thing for me and I found myself adding almond milk to create a delicious after-lunch drink. The added energy boost is significant and I liked that it didn’t make me feel jittery but I certainly felt turbo-charged after a mug of this! The added thermogenic properties were certainly felt and I could feel a slight rise in body temperature after consumption. After drinking a cup a day without making any changes to my diet I lost 1.2kg, so it certainly does work. I wouldn’t use it long-term but it is great for fighting a couple stubborn kg’s. Overall I am very impressed.

For 1 carton which contains 14 sachets (this could be a week to 2 week supply) it retails online for R210, 2 cartons cost R400 and when purchasing 4 cartons you save R80 by paying only R760 (a great bargain if you want to go halvies with a friend or colleague). As with any weight loss/health product it is best to check with your doctor if you are on any chronic medication or have any health concerns prior to taking this product.

Cosmetix Annual Media Pamper Party with Cindy Nell

I recently was fortunate enough to attend the Cosmetix Annual Media Pamper Party. Cosmetix is the incredible company which brought Catrice, Essence and Caribbean Tan to our shores and is owned by the ever gorgeous former Miss SA Cindy Nell-Roberts and her husband Clive.



Hosted at the newly opened Yemaya Spa and Hair Addicts in Sea Point it was a day of fun and of course, plenty of pampering. Upon arrival, we were given a big bag and instructed to fill it with products we wished to try out. I adore this concept for a goodie bag because then you get to select items that you really want to try out ones you know your readers will love/enjoy discovering. It was a total kid in a candy store moment…




We were treated to hair treatments, blow-dries, manicures, pedicures, facials and spray tans!





*The above four pics credit goes to Cosmetix official photographer.

One of my tweets from the day won me a bottle of Paul Rene MCC, by far the best local bubbly I have ever tasted and this coming from a French Champagne connoisseur.


A special thanks to Cindy and the team from Cosmetix as well as marketing queens FreeBees PR and The Little Black Book for a fabulous event.
One of my tweets for the day won me a bottle of Paul Rene MCC, by far the best local bubbly I have ever tasted and this coming from a strictly French champagne connoisseur.

REN Rosa Centifolia Review

REN sent me two new products to try out and as I am a rather big fan of the brand I was beyond excited to hear that they were cleansers. The Rosa Centifolia range includes a 3-in-1 Cleansing Water which acts as a make-up remover and a toner that is suitable for the delicate eye area and can even be used on the most sensitive skin. I like that it is alcohol, soap and detergent free meaning I don’t have to feel guilty when I just use this to remove my makeup on my lazy nights. My skin usually gets quite dry when I simply use cleansing water but I found my skin had no redness or dry patches after using this. At R250 for 200ml it is certainly on a par with my beloved Bioderma Sensibio H2O in terms of both price and quality. It is hard to choose one which I prefer since I find myself reaching for Bioderma for more stubborn eye make-up whereas the REN Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Water works well for my entire face and manages to get rid of oil with ease. Rosa Centifolia contains Rosa oil which soothes the skin, tannins that help to tone and tighten pores, and polyphenols which decongest, soothe and protect facial vessels.

REN Cleanser

For more stubborn as well as waterproof make-up REN has released the Rosa Centifolia Express Makeup Remover (R240 for 150ml). Just apply some to a cotton pad and gently wipe away makeup. It works like a charm and my eye area didn’t feel tight nor too oily.

The tannins from the Rosa Centifolia helps to tighten pores. Rice bran oil softens and hydrates and Vitamin P (flavonoids) from rose petals decongests, soothes and reduces puffiness.

REN is available at selected Woolworths & Foschini stores nationwide.

Charity – #ProjectHygiene

Having a platform that reaches thousands each month has a fair amount of power and while it may be dedicated to more frivolous things like fashion and beauty, charity is something I strongly believe in and try to lend a hand wherever I can. I aim to give or volunteer to a different organistion or project each month. When I saw Saturday Girl SA Natalie’s Instagram post about this project I just knew I had to feature it…

Natheefah and Naseera came up with the idea of #ProjectHygiene. Natheefah says “My friend Naseera and I basically decided that we wanted to donate hygiene packs to people in need. While a lot of people focus on food donations, which is great, we felt that the hygiene aspect was slightly more neglected.

So we sent out a simple message to friends and family, and on instagram and twitter in hopes of receiving some contributions.”


They will be running the project until the end of the month. Each week they will donate a number of packs to a worthy place. Natheefah said “We like to research and make sure that the places we give to are sincerely in need and will benefit from the packs. Especially because we’ve got a responsibility towards everyone who’s donated, to spend the money responsibly.”

One Hygiene pack costs R70 but the #ProjectHygiene is open to a donation of any amount.

Donations can be made out to:
Standard Bank
Cheque Account
Account Number:271695285
Branch Code:025109

Please use #ProjectHygiene as a reference