More Monochrome Outfit Post


I am all about slightly disheveled hair at the moment. I love allowing my hair to be naturally wavy (and sometimes a little frizzy). I try to go at least a couple of days a week without using product nor any heating tools. If my face shape allowed it then I would totally rock the messy lob which is so on-trend at the moment. Frizz-Kop aside I am still very much obsessed with the monochrome look so when I spotted this blazer at Legit I fell hard. To me a blazer is the perfect item for the in-between seasons. Simply pair with a tank top under and some fitted jeans and you are good-to-go. With exams looming I am all about easy, comfortable fashion this month.





Blazer- Legit
Jeans- Leigh style at Topshop
Heels- Mr P
Handbag- Michael Kors
Tank Top- Jay Jays
Lipstick- Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Moisturizing Lipsticks in matte shade Barely There

Fall Fashion Wishlist

Okay so more like Autumn Fashion Wishlist but Fall Fashion sounds so much better. Perhaps all of the American series and blogs have influenced my thoughts. I am actually ready for the cooler months but my wardrobe certainly needs an update. After this summer it is jam-packed with denim shorts. I went on a bit of a rampage and have yet to even wear several. Yesterday I was walking through the mall and added the following to my shopping list…


Top left- Hats!!! 90% of the reason why I love fall autumn is that I can wear hats without feeling silly. I found this beaut at Factorie for R200.
Middle Left- I need a gilet in my life, to be more specific I need this powder pink gilet from Forever New in my life!
Bottom Left- How beautiful are these cutout booties from Madison? (Available here)
Center- I am obsessed with grey jeans this season. I spotted these at Cotton On (think they were around R300). The denim is so soft and the shade is so incredibly versatile.
Top Right- Another hat, also from Factorie is this gorgeous warm red felt hat which was around R250.
Middle Right- Should I just give all my money to Factorie at this point? I fell hard for this “witchy” sweater and just had to buy it. The best part is that is available as a sweater and as a hoodie. I went for the hoodie one as it felt much warmer and more comfy. The sweater however has a much more relaxed bigger fit, so a part of me kind of wants both.
Bottom Right- Yes, another pair of cutout booties! This gorgeous pair is from zoom which is available on Spree for R599.

Hannon Hair Care Review

I have previously raved about Hannon skincare products over here before. I am seriously impressed with Hannon products overall and their night cream is one of the best I have used and I am actually onto my second re-purchase already. When they sent over a tailored selection of hair care products (including another long-term fav… the Moisture Miracle Treatment) I was ecstatic to say the least, many of which have earned a permanent spot in my shower and in my regular hair care routine.

Let me begin by saying that I like to mix up my shampoos and conditioners. I have several favourites which I use on a regular basis depending on my hair needs. I don’t think it is good to use the same product for long periods i.e For Dry hair when your hair is now sufficiently moisturised or for oily hair when it has balanced. In summer I like to use John Frieda Sheer Blonde (review here) and once every 5 washes I will use a “purple” shampoo to keep brassiness at bay. When my hair is feeling dry and damaged I use a range from Joico (review up later this month). I was however in need of a regular shampoo and conditioner. One to use in between which leads me to the Long Hair range from Hannon.


Hannon offers a wider range of hair care products for all hair types. As I am once again growing out my hair below my shoulder blades, I definitely fall into the long hair category. Hannon’s Long Hair range covers the two most prominent and somewhat annoying issues associated with having long hair- tangling and oily roots with dry ends.

The Long Hair Hannon Normalising Moisture Shampoo (R145) helps to combat oily roots and frizz while maintaining the protein balance of the scalp and providing moisture to the ends. I find that my hair looks and feels cleaner for longer after using this product. Together with the lightweight Detangling Conditioner my hair is left feeling incredibly soft and with far less frizz. It is also said to help control static electricity effectively reducing any knots when combing your hair. This range is gentle enough for everyday use and it is suitable for colour and chemically treated hair.


Since I am currently a light blonde (considering going darker once again this winter) keeping brassiness and yellow hair at bay is a regular struggle. I admittedly never used to use any “purple” shampoo for fear of turning my hair blue. However, my lovely stylist at Style Bar convinced me that I need to use one at least once every 5 washes.

Hannon’s Platinum Infusion Shampoo (R145) and Platinum Leave-in Conditioner Spray (R145) are perfect for removing any yellow tones and maintaining shiny looking locks.

Both of these smell incredible and are definitely not as scary as I thought (even though they are bright blue in colour!). Simply shampoo as you normally would, no need to leave the shampoo on for a long period of time just rinse out and then apply the leave-in conditioner.


I also received a treatment and two styling products. The Hannon Miracle Hair Treatment (R185) is seriously incredible. I have been obsessed with this product ever since I received it in some beauty box subscription ages ago. To me it is the perfect dupe for the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme and half of the price! The Miracle Treatment is designed for extremely dry, porous hair. I find it is best to use once a week initially and then it is only required once a month afterwards that is how good a job it does at restoring ones hair.

Straightening Iron Protection Shield (R150) is a fantastic little multi-tasker. Not only does it protect against heat damage from your styling tools, it also contains UV protectors and has a humidity shield that controls frizz. It smells divine and leaves ones hair soft (not sticky like with some heat protectors) and shiny.

Smoothing Silicone Serum (R115) probably my least favourite of the bunch but not because it is bad, simply because it is a regular silicone serum. Quite a well-priced one at that and it does a sufficient job of taming fly-aways. Simply apply one drop to dry, styled hair. I do like that it is water-soluble and therefore won’t create build-up like many other silicone serums on the market.

White Glo Extreme Whitening Pen and Strips Review

The other day I was strolling around Clicks and noticed this pack on special for R160 (if I recall correctly the normal price is R190). I use the White Glo Whitening toothpaste as it really does help to prevent stains and it doesn’t taste gross, most other toothpaste on the market tend to make me feel super nauseous. White Glo’s toothpaste itself is pricey at R39 a tube but it is so worth it. I am a firm believer in Crest Whitening Strips which are unfortunately not available in South Africa which means that I have to order them over eBay. They tend to retail for R300 for 15 double strips depending on which deal you go for etc. However, with our dodgy postal service I have been avoiding any eBay purchases so I threw the White Glo pack in my basket and prayed for the best.


I’m happy to say that this was well worth the impulse purchase! It really, really works. The strips are a little difficult to position, this is where the Crest Professional ones come out tops. However, I have a moulded gum guard from the dentist which I use over the strips and that keeps them in place. I highly recommend doing the same, you can use one of the sports cheapie ones found at most pharmacies and Dischem stores. You only need to wear the strips for 10-30 minutes and once a day or you can spread the time between each application to a couple of days apart.

There are 7 strips in a pack plus the whitening pen. According to the box the 7 strips are all you need to whiten ones teeth significantly and the pen is for touch-ups and to focus on any teeth which may be more discoloured than the rest.


The pen is simple to use and I feel that it will last a fairly long time since one only needs a small amount per tooth. It is in a pen similar to YSL Touche Eclat. Simply twist, twist, twist then gently brush on. Be careful when twisting, you really don’t need a lot and obviously don’t want to waste any.

The only downside is that the strips don’t seem to be available separately. I will definitely be re-purchasing this set though. I also am relieved to say that I didn’t experience any sensitivity with the strips. With the pen though it is important to avoid the gum-line, again this is where a gum guard comes in handy.

To my knowledge White Glo is only available at Clicks stores.

Holy Chic, 25 in a Month!

Oh Cotton On you know how to win me (and my wallet) over with your cute, fresh, fun tees! I spotted this one on sale for 50 bucks and even though it is impossibly long and wide I just had to snap it up. Regarding the title of this post…in exactly a month, on the 13th of May, I will be turning 25. For some reason this has been causing me much anxiety and forcing me to be extremely reflective. I also know that as one gets older certain looks won’t be deemed “appropriate” which is silly because age should never restrict ones fashion or style but this look is much “younger” than what I would typically go for.


25 may seem very young to many of you and perhaps very old to some of you too. To me turning 25 is far more monumental than turning 21 was. Yes, for your 21st you have an awesome party and everyone makes a big fuss which is all very exciting. But at 25 you are given an incredible gift emotionally. The gift of the realisation that you are responsible for your own path in this world. Your life is yours alone. No-one can or should have the power to force or pressure you when it comes to each and every decision you make.

This may sound obvious and yes, in many ways it is. However, just because something is obvious doesn’t always mean you feel it. I read a really interesting article about brain development and adult maturity is that the 18 is no longer considered an adult but that age has moved up to 25. Has anyone else experienced a massive shift in their perceptions and the way in which they deal with issues fat say 23 to 25? Everyone I have spoken to has agreed that they almost feel like a totally different person. Perhaps I am simply being too introspective.






Top- Cotton On
High-wasited shorts- Cotton On
Sneakers- Legit
Bracelets- Mr P
Nails- Gelish Artic Ice
Lips- Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Moisturizing Lipsticks in matte shade Barely There (review up on Thursday)