REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial

Oh REN you have launched yet another winner in my eyes. I have reviewed (and maybe raved) about REN a couple of times on the blog before see here and here and I am still smitten with their Invisible Pores Detox Mask which I use on a monthly basis so I am not sure why I was surprised with the effectiveness of their new product. REN is also a brand that does everything right when it comes to ethical and ecological practices. They stick to their guns and show that beauty needn’t be cruel.

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial

Firstly, who wouldn’t want a facial that only takes 1 minute! The REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial also works wonders on dry dull skin. It is super easy to aplly and even easier to wash away. Simply apply a sizable blob to your skin, wet your fingertips and gently massage in to activate the Vitamin C. A zesty fresh scent appears and the whole experience is very refreshing. Leave guessed it 1 minute and wash away. It is best to use this product every 3 days.

With an almighty trio of bio-extracts:
-Vitamin C from Ascorbic Acid stimulates collagen synthesis, even out skin tone and provides instant radiance to the skin.
-Boswellic Acid from Boswellia Serrata Bark relaxes micro-contractions of facial tissue to smooth lines
-Glycogen Magnesium from Marine Glucose Mineral boosts skin energy and radiance

My skin has a definite glow after using it, it increases firmness too and is the perfect refresher to banish urban grey. My one and only qualm is that there is a slight metallic scent left on one’s skin after washing off. It does however fade away after an hour.

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial retails for R470 and will be available at selected Woolworths stores nationwide from today and at selected Foschini stores from the 1st of October.

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eyeliner Review

Bourjois have a new limited edition range, Contour Clubbing Eyeliner (R100), in stores at the moment. I was given two shades from the range to try out- Ultra Black Glitter and Pink About You…

Bourjous Clubbing Eyeliner Reviews

Bourjois eyeliners overall are really good. They are creamy and well-pigmented. Bourjois claim that their Contour Clubbing range are extra long-lasting and won’t smudge.

Pink About You is a difficult shade to pull off and I have only worn it twice on my eyes both times on the top of my lid blended in with a pink/purple eyeshadow. I have however been using it as a lip liner, sneaky sneaky, eye liners usually are more hydrating than lip liners and tend to fade faster since this is a super long-lasting eyeliner is works well as a dual purpose liner.

Bourjous Clubbing Eyeliner Review

Ultra Black Glitter is a really cool shade since it is black “duh” and contains glitter “double duh” it really works well for night-time, the glitter flakes are quite visible when worn by itself but aren’t too big that they are irritating when worn on the waterline.

Bourjois is available at Clicks stores and also online at

Mio Double Buff Review

Before we can slap on the self-tan for Spring a good thorough exfoliation is in order. Mio Double Buff is just the product to do the job. As someone who suffers from KP (those annoying little bumps due to Keratin buildup) daily exfoliation is vital. Mio Double Buff is gentle enough to be used on a daily basis and works wonders combined when with dry brushing (of which I am a big fan of) to firm ones skin as well.



I do find myself using quite a bit each time so make sure you get your money’s worth when you do apply it , by first dampening your problem areas and then scrubbing and rinsing off. Mio Double Buff contains micro-ground pumice, lava and bamboo which is blended with fruit enzymes. It is an incredibly fine formula that prevents skin damage often caused by “cheap” unnecessarily gritty scrubs.

Retails at R500 for 150ml.

Crop Top Season Outfit of the Day

The weather this weekend was so perfect and Spring is definitely in the air. This sunny season Crop Tops are massive and while they were already in last year, this year they are in stores absolutely everywhere. I realized just how unprepared I am…Like time to get my ass into gym and get a spray tan asap. I am still not 100 % comfortable with the look and do feel like there is a lot of skin on show but in the heat of summer I think I will change my mind fairly quickly.





Crop Top- Mr Price
Necklace- Zuri
Clutch- Cotton On
Shorts- Forever New
Sunglasses- Nine West


Essence My Skin Deeply Moisturising Paper Mask Review

For deep hydration I have been using this mask over here but when I am pressed for time then a paper mask is just so easy. Pop on the entire thing and relax for 5 or 10 minutes before removing and gently rinsing off any residue or even rubbing in the remaining oils if your skin is very dry. I don’t know about you guys but few things frustrate me more than a mask that takes 10 minutes just to scrub off i.e clay-based masks.


Enriched with the moisturising almond extract and glycerin, and soothing wild rose oil and cucumber extracts it is the perfect skin pick-me-up.

Retails for R19,95 at Clicks and Dischem stores.