Estee Lauder Little Black Primer and More

Estee Lauder sent over a little black box filled with some new products to try, among them was the Little Black Primer. The Little Black Primer has received a lot of hype but mostly surrounding its ad featuring Kendall Jenner, the new face of Estee Lauder. However, it really deserves a lot more hype because it is phenomenal!


As a beauty blogger you learn that there are a great number of good products out there and tend to alternate quite frequently between them but The Little Black Primer is sitting firmly on a pedestal when it comes to my eye makeup routine and I don’t see it shifting from there any time soon.

Estee Lauder Little Black Primer is an innovative 3-in-1 primer as it not only primes your lashes but also offers a subtle lash tint and a water-resistant topcoat. I have been wearing it on its own on my more casual days. This is the perfect tool for those who feel that their eyes “disappear” when they don’t have any eye make-up on as it does provide a tint as well as surprisingly good added length to your lashes.

The formula is incredible! I honestly can’t stop raving about it as it doesn’t become flaky or smudge and yes when paired with your favourite mascara it gives you some serious volume. It also conditions ones lashes, defines them and as it is lightweight and water-resistant it is ideal for those with sensitive eyes (as well as those who wear contact lens).

Below is a selfie I took to show how natural and defined my lashes look with only the Little Black Primer on…


Estee Lauder Little Black Primer retails for R345 and is available at Estee Lauder counters nationwide.

The lovely team at Estee Lauder also included some other great products that are new to their make-up range and that complete the perfectly primed look.

First we have the Matte Perfecting Primer (R355) which I am also wearing in the above pic. I would like to point out that there is absolutely no filter or airbrushing on the selfie image and I am facing natural light. The effect that the primer gives on one’s skin is very noticeable. It simply creates a flawless canvas for any foundation that you wish to apply over.

The Matte Perfecting Primer contains skin-calming Green Tea and Vitamin E to re-balance and perfect and is also oil-free making it ideal for normal to oily skin types.


Double Wear Stay-In-Place in 02 Coffee eye pencil (R325). This is a lovely deep dark brown that almost appears black when applied but doesn’t have the harshness of the dark black shade Onyx. I have used this eye pencil many times in the past and am glad that they finally brought out the Coffee shade, especially for us fairer skinned girls.

Sumptuous Infinite Mascara Daring Length and Volume in Black (R345), if there is one thing that Estee Lauder’s products do it’s exactly what they claim to do word-for-word. When I wear this mascara I sometimes have trouble wearing sunglasses because my lashes are so long. Anyone else ever experience this problem before? This beauty contains stretchable fibers to give you extra, extra length and when worn with a primer it doubles on volume too. I do find myself needing to comb after applying to avoid any lashes from clumping when the formula is still wet but once it has set it definitely does not budge. That is one thing I have realised… I love cheap affordable mascaras, looking at you Catrice Flase Lashes, and they can do just as great a job as the expensive ones when it comes to lengthening and volumising but I will guaranteed end up looking tired or worse like a panda through-out the day as the mascara smudges off. Higher end mascaras like this one stay put and look great Am to PM and to me that is worth the extra money spent.

Babor ReVersive Anti-Aging Cream Rich

I was sadly unable to attend the Babor ReVersive launch but Babor was kind enough to still send me their incredible ReVersive Anti-Aging Cream to review. I received the Rich one (R2783) which is ideal for dry skin, if your skin is more oily to combination then they do offer a regular ReVersive Anti-Aging Cream (R2560) as well.


I couldn’t wait to try out the cream and started using it the day it arrived (hence the couple of scuff marks on the container, whoops). I had yet to look at the press release and therefore hadn’t seen the price. After 3 days of applying it morning and evening I was already impressed with how soft my skin was and how luminous it appeared that I decided that it was definitely time to check out further details about the ReVersive the range. This cream is pricey, let us be honest here it is a lot to spend on a daily cream but the question is “is it worth it?” and after 3 days without being influenced by prices or details and by simply using the product daily I could already answer that question with a definite YES.

Babor using innovative technology to create their products and their Research and Development centre has created an exclusive precision formula exclusively for ReVersive.

It contains 4 high-performance active ingredients:
Telovitin- This helps to keep cells younger for longer and is actually based on Nobel Prize-winning technology (who said beauty can’t be smart). It combats aging at its source is able to extend the life cycle of skin cells.

Agicyl- This multi-functional ingredient activates defenses against skin aging and also stimulates the longevity gene SIRT-1 which helps to boost the skin’s detoxification process and neutralise free-radicals.

Lumicol- Creates luminosity and radiance. I really saw this after the first use and after a week of use I was actually receiving comments on how my skin was “glowing”. This is all thanks to this powerful ingredient which is extracted from micro-algae and can actually activate a protein which is able to destroy dark marks and pigmentation on the skin.

Epocyl- Provides a smoother canvas for your skin and works in a similar way to silicone’s in primers as it forms a film which visibly fills in wrinkles and uneveness. However, it is a lot healthier for the skin as it is obtained from plankton and has a multitude of other benefits which silicone’s certainly don’t.

These all work together as a powerful effective formula which also smells amazing thanks to the essences from the unique Babor rose that is used to fragrance the Babor ReVersive product range. To read more about the range or find a list of stockists you can visit the Babor website over here.

Errol Arendz Dress Outfit

I received this dress from the lovely Jo-Ann Strauss and Errol Arendz about a year ago and just hadn’t found a perfect event to wear it to. When I decided at the last-minute to attend the J&B Met in Jan I had finally found such an event. As with most social events one is there to socialise and mingle not take 50 million outfit snaps so I decided to do a mini outfit post with a closer look at the dress and what I wore with it.


The detailing commands attention and the lining and fit it perfection. It weighs a ton and sucks one in so that you always feel comfortable no matter how many canap├ęs you devour!






Dress- Errol Arendz
Heels- Utopia
Bag- Michael Kors
Sunglasses- Versace

Elvive Extraordinary Oil Range Review

Oils are certainly not going anywhere anytime soon and with good reason. They work! L’Oreal Elvive have a new hair care range out called Extraordinary Oil consisting of shampoo, conditioner and a masque. This range is specially designed for dry hair and although my hair has been in fairly good condition thanks to reducing my use of heat styling tools come winter time and I know my hair will take a knocking so I have a feeling that this range will be just the thing to give back some moisture and maintain the condition of my hair.


The shampoo comes in two variations Extraordinary Oil Dry Hair and Extra Dry Hair (both are R67.95) and in the bottle it looks quite daunting as it appears to be clear yellow oil but the formula foams nicely and smells amazing. I suffer from oily roots very easily when I use products that are too rich but found a lovely balance with the Extraordinary Oil Shampoo. Day 2 and no oily roots thus far.

Elvive Extraordinary Oil Conditioner Dry Hair (R67.95) is a beautiful shimmery gold formula that provides nourishment and results in definite shine. Once again, even though it is packed with oils it isn’t too heavy on one’s hair.

Elvive Extraordinary Oil Masque Dry Hair (R75.95), I love a good masque and one that applies easy and smells yummy gets bonus points. At 300ml this tub is quite large and will last me a good couple of months if I apply it weekly. It leaves ones hair super soft and did I mention it smells really, really good too?!

Me-Time Tag

I have mentioned before just how much I enjoy reading through bloggers Tag posts. All too often one gets caught up in trying to keep up with all the exciting beauty product reviews that one forgets to get a little more personal. I have been feeling quite run down thanks to some health issues and when I read this Me-Time tag over on Petal Poppets Blog I knew it was the perfect tag to answer right now. So lets get started…

I love this shot that my sister snapped of me on our recent road trip. I was in comfy clothes and staring at the sea lost in my thoughts.

I love this shot that my sister snapped of me on our recent road trip. I was in comfy clothes and staring at the sea lost in my thoughts.

What do you watch or read during me-time?
I tend to watch series on a regular basis so I don’t really consider it me-time per se but reality shows are my definite me-time indulgence. I am very into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Project Runway at the moment.

What do you wear during me-time?
Usually leggings and a loose jumper if I am at home but comfort is key to relaxation so depending on what I am doing I try to go with the less is more approach.

What are your me-time beauty products?
I am super into Cloth Masks which can be used on the hands, feet, neck & decolletage and of course the face. I am currently using the Skin Republic range which I reviewed over here.

Current favourite nail polish?
I have fallen solidly for the OPI Hawaii range (which, yes I also reviewed recently here) but my ultimate me-time and always current shade is Essie Exotic Liras.

What do you eat/drink during me-time?
Red wine. I love red wine and am not ashamed to admit that a couple of glasses of red is the perfect company for me-time. Preferably Cabernet Sauvignon.

Current favourite candle?
Everyone is obsessed with Yankee Candles and other well-known brands but my personal fav would have to be Charlotte Rhys Vanilla Cream. It isn’t too strong and the scent gently, unobtrusively wafts through the area.

Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
Yes, the outdoors are vital to me-time. I love to go for a long drive along the coastline and find a beautiful spot to just sit and watch the waves. I also enjoy going a for a run in the forest. Breathing in the fresh air and alone with only ones thoughts can be healthy and it’s important to sometimes step away from the constant social side.

Favourite online shop?
Currently and while most of the stuff on the site is out of my price range, I have promised myself to buy a pair of Louboutin heels at the end of the year so am saving up. I also love adding things to a wishlist and getting lost in the beauty of the designer pieces.

Anything to add? What else do you do on me-time?
Read blogs and I also sort out my clothes and makeup since order calms me.

I tag Candice from Beauty Candy Loves and Bailey from Vanilla Blonde and any of you that would like to do this tag!