One Stiletto At a Time is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog written and edited by Abby Buchanan. I’ve always loved the world of fashion and beauty. Of sharing a lifestyle and connecting with a community. Which is why I started one stiletto at a time back in 2010.

While studying my Bcom retail management degree I needed a new platform to express this love and a place to play around with my creativity. To write and to share. 8 years later and the blog has grown exponentially. I’ve started delving more and more into travel and lifestyle. My love for wine and the winelands has also reached a new audience of fellow wine-lovers.

I write for my audience and my honesty is what keeps readers loyal and in a sea of so many new blogs One Stiletto At A Time has remained a strong voice. This is extremely prevalent in the beauty industry.

As a reader know that you can expect honest, unbiased reviews and the open line of communication between myself and my readers means that any brands I do feature are ones I resonate with and approve of. I am so grateful that a simple hobby has awarded me the opportunity to work with so many brands and gain so much experience in this extremely fast-paced and dynamic environment.

A blog is a supremely personal space and I love sharing all that inspires me and all that I have learnt, I hope you enjoy this space too.