Staying Healthy These Holidays

Healthcare, Wellness By Jan 04, 2018

The holidays are definitely an indulgent time and one tends to eat (and drink) a bit more than usual. These are a few products I’ve used over the festive season, and will continue to use, that helped keep me feeling healthy and energised while also keeping my weight down. In no way was I restrictive in my eating, these products just helped stop me from overindulging too much and then feeling sluggish. Also please always consult your doctor before taking any supplements!

The first is a product which I received from the proudly South African brand Seaverah called Sculpt & Tone. Seaverah Managing Director, Nicole De Klerk says, ‘Focusing on product efficiency and innovation is key for us, we believe that through these core principles and a holistic approach, we can provide people with products that maximize their potential for wellness.’ All of their products are non-GMO, cruelty free, free from soya and parabens, and contain no chemicals. Seaverah is available from and Faithful to Nature.

Seaverah’s Sculpt and Tone (R399.99) formula is a non-aggressive, natural supplement made to suppress appetite and assist in weight loss without artificial stimulants. I really like that it is stimulant-free and it really does help curb ones appetite.

Sculpt & Tone naturally aids your body through enhancing Leptin hormone levels in the body. Leptin tells your brain when it is full and when it needs fuel. The formula provides additional nutritional support in the form extra antioxidants, helping to improve the condition of nails, skin and hair.

I really want to give Seaverah’s Shaping and Sculpting Body Serum a try next which is said to help with cellulite, tighten the skin and reduce blemishes!

Since I tend to skip breakfast and have now given up coffee I’ve started having smoothies instead. Two of my favourites are Absolute Organix Life Matrix Vegan Super Smoothie Essentials and the range from Nature’s Nutrition (Available from MyHealthStore). Nature’s Nutrition Super Greens, Reds + Protein in Wild Apple is my personal favourite. It’s a superfood drink and an easy way to get your daily fruits,vegetables and greens. It also helps aid digestion, enhance your immune system, boost your energy and is only 75-calories per serving. The added pea protein is essential for promoting muscle tone,recovery, performance and overall health. It is also vegan as it contains dairy-free probiotics. I’m trying to cut down on my dairy consumption so both of these products are great.

Since I’ve given up coffee (for the most part) I’ve started drinking more tea so when I received a box of Skinny Green Tea it was the perfect replacement. It also tastes really good and I love having my cup mid-morning as it is also very energising. Skinny Green Tea retails for 1 pack/20 tea bags (R120.00) and
3 packs/60 tea bags (R330.00).

Skinny Green Tea is a natural weight-loss product that consists of 3 powerful ingredients: Green Tea, Zychrome and Cardiaslim. Research shows that green tea has been linked to appetite suppression. Green Tea is made up of properties that have been known to increase caloric expenditure as well as the metabolism of fats.

Zychrome is a specific chromium complex that assists in regulating the blood sugar levels in the body in a more effective manner than other forms of chromium.

Cardioslim contains the blend of 2 plants extracts that have been proven to be safe and effective for weight loss whilst regulating and maintaining a healthy cholesterol level.

Cardioslim is naturally derived, sustainably sourced, and vegetarian – it is sourced from flowers and fruits of Sphearanthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana.

Also to start my year off on the right foot I’ve been busy with a detox this week which is a completely safe digestive detox and not a gimmicky quick fix. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on it next week but am halfway through and already feel so good.