Optiphi Body Curve Reviews

Everything Beauty, Launches, Reviews, Skincare By Jul 27, 2016

For my birthday Optphi and Freebees generously sent over some great products. I have already reviewed (and raved about) the Optiphi Body Curve Body Lotion R396 over here. I also received their ß-Body Wash and PHI-Body Buffer.


The Optiphi ß-Body Wash (R352) is a polishing body cleanser. I’ve become hooked on this, it just leaves my skin feeling so incredibly soft. Thanks to the combined effects of pure white Jojoba Beads and Beta-Hydroxy exfoliating acid the body wash gently cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises.


The PHI-Body Buffer (R214,95) is ideal for everyday exfoliation and circulation. I still love and highly recommend the Optiphi Body-Foliant which still is one of my top exfoliants, as a more intensive exfoliation but for daily use the buffer is fantastic.

The buffing cloth will ensure thorough exfoliation and can be used to smooth rough areas and increase cellular oxidation and circulation. Simply use wet combined with the ß-Body Wash and apply in circular motions over the entire body.