Reviewing Some Products from Sorbet’s Makeup Range

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Sorbet’s Makeup range review has been a long time coming, an extremely long time ago. So much so that I no longer own most of these products, aside from the sponge applicator. The others were destroyed in the fire. Yes, I will have to bring it up multiple times. It may annoy some of you. Sorry about that.

I always want full transparency when I provide my unbiased opinion on any product or experience featured on the site. In some incidents, the products I had been able to review prior and shoot but lost specific images. Some will have missing aspects like the swatches. I still feel they deserve a review. So trust that any brand and products I had taken images of were only saved in my drafts and kept because they appealed to me.

Now that we have that out of the way…

So here is my mini-review of just a handful of products from Sorbet’s Makeup beauty range. I’ll begin with apologising for not including any swatches for this post. As previously mentioned, these were amongst some of which weren’t retrievable. 

Sorbet’s Makeup Range is currently on special at Clicks at fantastic prices. So just an FYI. Most Clicks stores I’ve found to have great Beauty specials then some Sorbet products are often included. I love stocking up on their body butter!

Their full make-up, skincare and body care ranges are usually at most of Sorbet’s salons but always be sure to check. I always highly recommend that whenever you plan to purchase any new skincare product. Rather speak to an expert at a salon first. I still have posts lined up featuring products from their skincare line including 365 and their “general” ranges too.

These are some of Sorbet’s Makeup Range I was sent to review


First up, we have a product I ADORED! It’s their Matte Kisses lipstick. Which I received in the shade Blush. Yet, I can’t seem to see it for purchase anywhere online. They appear to still have their other lipstick Get Lippy, which is available on the Clicks website. Get Lippy is apparently a super moisturising type of lipstick. On Sorbet’s are the three Matte Kisses shades that still show up though not to purchase.

Sorbet's Makeup

Moving on to another Matte product of theirs that fell into my love category is Lips Stay Put Lip Line-Up Duo Lip Liner. I received it in the shade Feisty Foxy. Pricing is difficult to judge with the specials. This is roughly around the R100 mark. Price wise Sorbet can I feel be a bit “all over the place”. Some very average products are quite expensive or just a bit too overpriced for the value you’re getting. Then, on the other hand, some really are value-for-money if you compare them to the Big Contenders. This lip liner falls into the latter.

It’s waterproof and has zero feathering, something I struggle with often when it comes to liners. The colour is rich and offers high coverage. It also stays put with the double dose of the liner.


So we’re working our way down to the Like/Love section here. Much like the quality of this image. For an affordable/middle range (R75) blending sponge, this multi-tasker On A Blender Sculpt & Highlight Contouring Blender does a superb job. I’m glad mine survived and use it daily. Its convenient angles help with different sections of one’s face. It helps to blend well. Plus it doesn’t soak up too much of one’s product. So 5/5.

The “Like quite Love” would be for the falsies…All of a Flutter range of lashes. If I’m going to have false lashes. Then they need to be lash extensions. If I am going to use glue-on lashes. Then it’s usually on a set and applied by a make-up artist or if I’m filming a Youtube clip that isn’t too zoomed in. Since I am admittedly not the best at applying them, I can’t judge too harshly on that side of things.

What made it further a challenge was the black glue. It just wasn’t the best quality and was rather messy. For R70, I’d give this a miss even if I was talented at application.


Can we just all agree that the names are simply adorable? What A Cheek! Sorbet What A Cheek Blush Cheek Stamp…Hmm. Love the shade Fiesta Flush which is very flattering. The cute mirror is a nice touch. However, speaking of touch, one does need a gentle one when applying it. It is extremely pigmented and can get rather messy. It takes practice just to get the application from the container onto one’s face but once on and again, lightly apply. This blush will last and last.

Sorbet Eye Makeup

Falling into a “surprisingly pretty good” category would be Sorbet’s Eye to Eye Eyeshadow Quad. I did mention that I received these products a while ago, in 2020! With ALL of the lockdowns and restrictions on what one was allowed to purchase, posts about beauty products didn’t feel relevant.

Not to mention the number of losses far too many people were losing loved ones, and their jobs. Overall it felt right to be quieter on my site. To focus on my work. With Social Media management as a Digital Marketing Strategist, helping smaller businesses through the tough times. Then 2021 happened to me. You can read about what happened here if you are interested, and no, it wasn’t only our house burning down that made it the most challenging year of my life.

Back to Sorbet’s Eye to Eye Eyeshadow Quad, the one I received back then was the Smokey Joe quad. At the time of the press drop, it was selling for R90. I was blown away by what a great deal this was. Which I don’t spot online anymore online. I have used Showgirl since that’s a subtle shimmery pink/brown quad and is still available.

I found the two formula’s to be identical. So this review is still very relevant. It is a baked mineral powder that delivers on a satin-soft application without annoying flaking. It really glides on with such ease and makes applying in a rush ideal. Plus the size of the quad makes it great for travelling. The price has risen by a fair amount which I find is understandable, especially for a South African brand. I still think it’s value for money due to the quality, and now it’s approximately R155 (the Special is R119).

 Disclosure Ranking: 3