As a beauty blogger, I am all too often asked for product recommendations, I’ll be asked what do I use on my own skin and so forth. It just isn’t that easy, there is no one range fits all brand. However, I am sure by now we can all agree that Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, is vital for all skin types. Elizabeth Arden Vitamin C + Ceramide is a new capsule which harnesses the power of their ultra-stable, ultra-potent vitamin C and ceramides to deliver it directly to the skin as well as brighten and nourish.

Each capsule is super-charged with a vitamin C that is 178x more potent than traditional vitamin C. The ceramides formula also protects the skin’s barrier and the combination has a long potency and targeted delivery.

I am now already on my second bottle. And it well worth it! The 60 capsules R1025 and 30 capsules are R599.

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