Veaudry MyEasyComb

Everything Beauty, Haircare, Makeup Reviews, Reviews By Apr 11, 2015

You know when a new gadget or tool comes along and you almost can’t believe that no one thought of it sooner. While that is exactly how I feel about the Veaudry MyEasyComb. It is such an awesome little tool and a massive time-saver.


My wavy locks tend to tangle and knot quite easily and yes, my beloved Tangle Teezer helps to sort out most of them but when using a hot straightener this can be quite problematic. I used to use a barrel brush to gain control over the section of hair I was straightening but now the MyEasyComb has simplified this entire process.


Thanks to the wider teeth of the comb it glides through ones hair without tugging or tangling and the best part of it all is that the Veaudry MyEasyComb is heat resistant! It is also lightweight meaning no more arm cramp (ladies with long hair you know what I am talking about) another plus is that it is static free.

Veaudry MyEasyComb retails for R195 and is available on Retail Box

P.S Retail Box is giving one of these away on their Facebook page so be sure to pop over and enter (Comp ends on the 16 April)