Holy Chic, 25 in a Month!

Outfit of the Day Posts, Style By Apr 13, 2015

Oh Cotton On you know how to win me (and my wallet) over with your cute, fresh, fun tees! I spotted this one on sale for 50 bucks and even though it is impossibly long and wide I just had to snap it up. Regarding the title of this post…in exactly a month, on the 13th of May, I will be turning 25. For some reason this has been causing me much anxiety and forcing me to be extremely reflective. I also know that as one gets older certain looks won’t be deemed “appropriate” which is silly because age should never restrict ones fashion or style but this look is much “younger” than what I would typically go for.


25 may seem very young to many of you and perhaps very old to some of you too. To me turning 25 is far more monumental than turning 21 was. Yes, for your 21st you have an awesome party and everyone makes a big fuss which is all very exciting. But at 25 you are given an incredible gift emotionally. The gift of the realisation that you are responsible for your own path in this world. Your life is yours alone. No-one can or should have the power to force or pressure you when it comes to each and every decision you make.

This may sound obvious and yes, in many ways it is. However, just because something is obvious doesn’t always mean you feel it. I read a really interesting article about brain development and adult maturity is that the 18 is no longer considered an adult but that age has moved up to 25. Has anyone else experienced a massive shift in their perceptions and the way in which they deal with issues fat say 23 to 25? Everyone I have spoken to has agreed that they almost feel like a totally different person. Perhaps I am simply being too introspective.






Top- Cotton On
High-wasited shorts- Cotton On
Sneakers- Legit
Bracelets- Mr P
Nails- Gelish Artic Ice
Lips- Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Moisturizing Lipsticks in matte shade Barely There (review up on Thursday)