Cettua Review

Everything Beauty, Makeup Reviews, Reviews By Apr 10, 2015

Cettua sent over three of their products for me to try out. Cettua products are very affordable and are in my mind on a par with Essence. An incredibly well-priced range that is actually really good. I often overlooked the Cettua range dismissing it as suitable for younger skins only but once I tried them I could have kicked myself for not using the range sooner (especially the little Trouble Clear Patches, where have you been all my life!).


I often get one or two nasty little pimples when I have PMS. These pop up overnight and then hang around for an entire week. I am always tempted to pop them (I know, I know) which leads to scarring or worse, spreading them. For a long time I used Young Solution Spot Drops, which are miracle workers but I found that the formula tended to move off of the spot and severely dry out the surrounding area causing flakiness. Which is why the Cettua Trouble Clear Patches are perfect. They are little transparent patches which are only applied directly to the spot. They contain tea tree to kill bacteria and Saliyclic Acid which helps to remove keratin on the skin effectively unclogging pores. Simply pop a patch on the area and leave for 8-12 hours i.e overnight. Trouble Clear Patch is available from Clicks stores and retails for R42.99 for 48 patches.

Cettua Silky and Clear Nose Strip (R42.99 for 6 patches) is certainly an interesting one. I have used many of these kinds of patches before with moderate success. Obviously these patches are not going to be able to pull out ALL of your blackheads but it certainly does help with the more visible ones and what I liked most about the Cettua patches versus other brands is that the patch also tones the area thanks to the added astringent – Witch Hazel. Essentially reducing any further dirt and debris from going into your pores. There is definitely pore refinement and any redness is reduced. I found that this was the ideal patch to use on one’s nose before an event where you want that flawless skin look.

The final product I received was the Pore Control Essence Mask (R54.99 for 2 masks). I really like that you receive two masks in a pack and for such a reasonable price. This is a paper mask and perfect for when you have a spare 30 minutes to relax and unwind. The mask is packed with serum and you can use the extra bit on your neck should you so wish. The formula is designed for oily skin and is quite an unusual one… it contains Mung-Bean Extract, Chinese Quince Extract and Persimmon Leaf Extract. None of which I had used on my skin before as to my knowledge. The effect from the mask is incredibly toning and leaves one feeling very soft and fresh. The mask also reduces redness and leaves pores feeling cleaner and far less noticeable.

Cettua is exclusive to Clicks stores.