The Essential Jackets Every Woman Must Own

Fashion & Beauty- Online Shopping, Style By Feb 20, 2020

There’s more to a jacket than being a rainy day essential, as this outer garment is an exceptional source of both comfort and style in your closet. Your jackets are indeed investment pieces, as they provide an extra element of finesse that will certainly take an outfit up a notch. With this in mind, here are the key pieces that every woman must have inside their style arsenal.

A Chic Trench Coat

Credit: Everlane

From Audrey Hepburn’s iconic role as Holly Golightly in 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the chic outfits worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, the classic trench coat has stood the test of time as arguably the chicest type of jacket available.

A good item to start with is Mr Price Insync’s dusty pink trench coat, which is perfect over a dress for a romantic night out. You can also opt for a printed piece or even a vinyl version if you want a more playful take on this classic garment. And of course, you can invest in the standard beige coat that can seamlessly put any outfit together. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to double-check the quality of the coat’s belt, as this part helps you look more put together by cinching in your waist.

A Cosy Puffer Coat

Credit: Moncler

When the temperatures begin to drop, it means that it’s time to bundle up. Yet, with the abundance of winter jackets available, which one do you need? For many, it’s a puffer jacket like these stylish ones featured on Marie Claire. This jacket style has evolved into a true statement piece with its sleek material, unique silhouette, and guaranteed warmth, so you can’t go wrong wearing one during the colder seasons. Just remember: It’s key to carefully construct your outfits when you wear them, so be sure that whatever is underneath your puffer is fitted so that your jacket won’t overpower your outfit.

A Practical Lightweight Jacket

Thick jackets are ideal for the winter and during the cooler months of the year. However, it’s equally important to have a jacket ready for when the weather is a little cooler, but still cold enough to make you shiver. Case in point, this transitional jacket from Woman Within comes in a lightweight twill material that’s great for when it’s neither too hot nor too cold outside — keeping you cosy all day long. Look for handy details like a hood for when it’s drizzling, and roomy patch flap pockets that can be especially useful on busy days. Plus, its structured silhouette already makes this piece a standout, so don’t hesitate to wear it over the classic jeans and tee combo.

A Casual Denim Jacket

Credit: Levi’s

Last but not the least, the denim jacket has become an undeniable style staple, thanks to its versatility. Just like a good pair of jeans, they pair well with just about any other garment. Whether you’re going out to run errands or heading to a dinner with your best mates, wearing this piece will have you looking effortlessly cool. The trick to finding the right denim jacket is to look for one that’s structured well and has subtle stitching, like this trucker jacket from Levi’s.