Brand Feature- Steve Madden

Fashion, Fashion & Beauty- Online Shopping, Style By Dec 15, 2023

Let’s talk about some items currently on my Buy Now wish list from Steve Madden. A brand I’ve loved for well over a decade.Perhaps for even longer. I remember being a teenager in the 2000s, desiring so many items from the brand.

Steve Madden: 1990 Year The Brand Began.

Something I found that is crazy is that Steve Madden was founded in 1990. The same year that I was born. Meaning it’s been going strong for 33 years. Soon to be 34 years old (Am I so old?!). This iconic brand has continued to maintain relevance in a cutthroat industry. They’ve also managed to dominate many people’s wishlists as they know their target market incredibly well. Leading to such a success that always slays the latest trends. While staying true to their core ethos, a “Rebel without a Cause”.

Barbiecore Will Still Be Strong in 2024.

Steve Madden Barbiecore

Ah, Barbiecore…the beautiful hue of various pinks and soft touches that had such an impact over the entire year since the movie Barbie was released. Barbicore has influenced not only the fashion industry. It has even had a significant impact on the beauty and decor trends. It’s transcended to become so popular that trend forecasters predict it will still be a theme in 2024. These are some accessories which I have been wanting to add to my wardrobe.

Mermaid Inspired Ombre Shades.

Steve Madden Mermaid Trend
Steve Madden has leaned into this exquisite trend. A twist on the Colour Block style. A kaleidoscope of shades blended in ways that stand out but aren’t intrusive. No matter the colour you wear. This look will fit your outfit and make a statement. How gorgeous are the stiletto court heels?

What Would Steve Madden Accessories Be Without Sparkles and Studs?

Steve Madden Sparkles and Studs

This is a brand which always incorporates these elements into its collections. Sparkles and studs often appear in most of their latest styles. Something I love as it always adds something extra to one’s wardrobe.