Cyber Monday Deals Are On The Way!

Fashion & Beauty- Online Shopping, Style By Nov 18, 2023

Cyber Monday Deals are where it’s at! Especially here in South Africa. Let’s face it. If you aren’t planning to stock up on perishables and other products which are better to purchase in-store then why face the masses? Not when you can be ready and prepared for Cyber Monday Deals.

Fresh Home Scents

Cyber Monday Deals- Get Ready.

Black Friday specials are often reasonably good. I find that one tends to overspend impulsively, as is often the case when it comes to great sales. I have noticed though that this year, in particular, more brands appear to be spreading out their “Black Friday” offers. Have you also experienced that? Which is great but I’m still an avid online shopping fan. You can probably already tell since I have an entire section dedicated to the category.

Kitchen Update

My Time To Shop is When the Cyber Monday Deals are Launched.

I am extremely methodical and fairly financially responsible when it comes to my approach to shopping and sales. If it happens to be an in-store sale. I will first go to that store’s online store and I’ll screenshot items I really want. So that when I do go to the store, I will only that list in mind.


My Wishlist is Ready To “Add To Cart”!

For online shopping, it is all about The WishList…mine is always permanently full. For Cyber Monday though I will spend hours scouring my favourite stores. This year, I am focusing on homeware and items I’ve always wanted to get but have felt a little guilty about purchasing them unless they are on sale or special offer. Now it’s time to load up that cart! I’m looking at the light wood, contrasting monochrome themes with touches of gold for our home.


I Have to Spoil Myself Though…

This means that aside from a long list of homeware products and some special gifts. Those of which, of course, I cannot feature on here. I am including some little accessories I’ve been wanting to add to my jewellery collection. Which is currently minuscule. I am always on the search for gold hoop earrings. Big or small. Ones which won’t irritate my ears though. So I am hoping that the items I’ve chosen will be fine. If they are still available on the 27th of November will have to include some winners! Happy shopping everyone and think before you splurge. There’s just over a week to prepare!