Always blonde, always changing and always with David Gillson

Everything Beauty, Haircare By Jan 25, 2020

So starting with late 2018 and I really loved this hairstyle, the colour and layers were flattering and in a way very sexy.

I then decided to go even blonder! Summer is the one time in South Africa where bold blonde looks good. Whereas I almost feel that for Europe a platinum blonde looks incredible in winter. Am I the only one who thinks that?

When a woman changes her hair then she is about to change her life! An awful break-up which happened to coincide with the chic blunt cut, long bob trend meant that David Gillson and I were once again on the same page. Extra highlights and the big (for me) chop!

Keeping with the blunt cut yet toning down with the colour for a more demure look.

One of the best transition techniques ever!!!! The beautiful melt-down. An easy messy yet sexy blend of colours which only a true artist of a hair-stylist can perfect.

I have since maintained the colour melt-down but since I plan to now go longer yet again, David has since added a few more subtle layers.

Aside from going to a fabulous hairstylist, you should always try to maintain a good, honest relationship with them. This way as the ebb and flow of life happens, you know that your hair will always look good and uplift you. Thank you, David Gillson, for being my hairstylist.