Tangle Teezer Blow Styler Full Paddle Brush

Everything Beauty, Haircare, Reviews By Oct 31, 2015

The Hair gods were listening when they presented with me with this incredible tool. The lovely ladies at FreeBees PR sent over the latest offering from Tangle Teezer, their Blow Styler paddle brush which is ideal for those with long knotty hair like myself.


I carry a Tangle Teezer brush in every handbag and will not go anywhere without it. They truly are amazing and brush out ones locks with none of the pain or trauma of a regular brush however, when it came to heat styling I have always had to use other brushes and for a long time wished that Tangle Teezer would bring out their own styling brush. The teeth of the Blow Styler paddle brush are much thicker and don’t quite have the flexibility of the regular brush but will still battle through your knots with ease and without any pulling or tugging. I highly recommend this brush especially if your hair is thick and/or medium to long it will certainly make blow-drying a far quicker and more comfortable process.


The Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Brush is available for R399 on RetailBox.co.za