The Simple Life LookBook

Outfit of the Day Posts, Style By Nov 02, 2015


I love watching series and am so excited that so many of my favourites new seasons have begun showing such as Fresh off the Boat, How to Get Away with Murder, Survivor, Fargo etc. I am also obsessed with Scream Queens. Seriously how good is it?! However, waiting an entire week for each episode to come out kills me which is why I sometimes like to re-watch old favs like The OC and Sex and The City. I can’t work with music playing but for some reason I find that I am more productive if I have series playing on the screen while I work. Anyway long ramble short I have started to re-watch The Simple Life. Don’t judge, this is after all where reality series was born from. It is mindless and silly but perfect for half-watching while writing and working. This lookbook reminded me of The Simple Life where two city girls (Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie) are sent to the middle of nowhere to learn how to work and survive the simple life. The backdrop reminds me of a farm in the middle of no where even though it is only a wine farm with a city a few minutes away.