Style Bar Hair Update

Everything Beauty, Haircare, Reviews By Jul 17, 2015

I had to skip my monthly appointment with Style Bar last month and as my hair grows exceptionally fast I was concerned about dark roots with contrasting light hair. My Style Bar stylist had done a very natural dark blonde on most of my hair with fine lighter blonde pieces in-between which really allowed my roots to look more natural and far more subtle than usual. Nonetheless I was so happy to finally have my hair refreshed and highlights updated yesterday.


I also had a treatment done which is so important when dying ones hair blonde. You can also do a regular at-home treatment and the one that I feel really nourishes my hair but doesn’t feel too heavy is the Schwarzkopf Smooth Perfect Treatment.

For the very light blonde strands my stylist uses Schwarzkopf BlondeMe Crystal Gel System which is a transparent gel bleach that is far less harsh on one’s hair and leaves the hair shining. I highly recommend asking your stylist to use this bleach should you want to go very light.