Lifestyle: Gumtree Autos Guide

Lifestyle Section By Jul 18, 2015

This may be a weird post to feature on a mostly fashion and beauty blog but this blog is also about me taking life one step at a time and learning along the way, sharing what I’ve learnt with you guys. Since posting about the Gumtree Phone Price Checker I have successfully used and sold two phones with the aid of the app.

Exactly a year ago I purchased a car, the first one in my name and all my responsibility. It was actually a very daunting thing to do. I decided to purchase it brand new and along with that goes the service plan etc which is great because I have no clue about anything when it comes to cars and I often feel lost if something goes wrong. When I read through the Gumtree Autos Guide I knew that this would help many others. Yes, you can Google a lot but the answers aren’t always clear and it doesn’t always point you the direction of the right person to fix your problem. Service plans only cover so much.

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The Gumtree Autos guide has tons of useful tips for buying/selling a car. It also has relevant DIY car maintenance articles which offer great insight and an autos tips guide for when it comes to things like changing the oil, find a mechanic in your area and what to do when you hear a weird sound coming from your car.

You can easily browse through the cars for sale section should you be on a lookout for a new vehicle or should you wish to get an idea of car prices if you are planning your budget.