SoyLites Review

Everything Beauty, Reviews By Jun 18, 2014

As a belated birthday gift the lovely folk at SoyLites sent me these goodies. I have been burning the candle on a daily basis and it works so well on my desk especially since the scent is Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation contains a clarity inducing blend of lemongrass, lavender and lime essential oils.


The Rejuvenation scent is strong but not overpowering and it definitely works as a pick-me-up especially on colder days where the last thing one feels like doing is working. Soylites candles are not just candles however, their oil can be used a body moisturiser, cuticle oil and even as a massage oil. This may sound quite odd, how can one use the wax of a candle on your body but that is what makes SoyLites so special.

SoyLite soy candles differ from paraffin candles in the following ways:
They are petroleum-free and made from the oil that comes from the skin of soybeans. This oil is natural and biodegradable. Paraffin candles are made from the dregs of the oil refinery.
When burning soy candles emit no toxins, unlike paraffin candles which are known to emit 11 documented toxins when burning, of which 4 are carcinogenic (tolulene, formaldehyde, acrolein and benzene).
They are 99% soot free, which means there is no black smoke when burning.
They burn 50 – 75 % longer than paraffin candles.
They leave practically no waste, burning evenly and all the way down.
They are easy to clean if spilt – warm water and soap can be used to remove spilt soy wax.
They melt at a low temperature: 2 degrees above body temperature (39°C), unlike paraffin wax which melts at 72°C, making it the right temperature to rub into the skin.
It contains natural vitamin E and lecithin which has amazing benefits when rubbing into the skin


The Massage Balm is superb too. It provides a non-messy alternative to massage oils and glides into ones skin with ease. Soy Massage & Body Balm is both an effective and versatile body butter that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and pampered. Jojoba Oil softens and smooths the skin with fine line reduction, while castor oil promotes increased elasticity to your skin. The added combination of avocado oil, shea butter, cold-pressed grapeseed oil and coconut oil provides your skin with vitamin E, lecithin and effective moisturising nourishment, without a greasy residue.

The Frosted Tumbler Soy candles retail for R145 and the Massage Balm is R215.