Let’s Talk Lingerie

Fashion & Beauty- Online Shopping, Style By Aug 25, 2022

There is just something about lingerie. Not only does the word itself invoke a sensual element. Underwear has the immense power to change one’s mood, almost immediately. Especially since it’s mostly something so private, which adds to the fact that choosing lingerie is something deeply personal.

Your version of Sexy Lingerie versus Mine could be the Polar Opposite.

Lingerie matching

We should at least own a few pieces of sexy lingerie but styles that empower us. This is yet another reason why I love fashion. How it can define us, or better yet how we can use it to fit our definition of ourselves. This is yet another reason why I love fashion. How it can define us, or better yet how we can use it to fit our definition of ourselves.

Comfort is elemental when it comes to underwear. You want to Feel Good Afterall.

I know it’s annoying to harp on about losing everything (you can read about that here). This has meant that, over the past year. I’ve since had to “rebuild” my lingerie collection. At the same time, I also have to adapt to different styles, and fits that I could wear after my surgeries (you can read about that bit here) and even now my perspective of what comfort is has changed.

Now when I am shopping for new pieces, my primary focuses are true comfort and the correct fit. I felt that I had found this balance and could easily spot an online style that suited my body, but as one’s style evolves these change. There are also other factors, surgeries, weight, and having children all play a huge role in what lingerie works for you. Discover what suits your body as it naturally changes over time.


Get Fitted & Find Your Correct Bra Size

I will say though that nothing is better than finding a well-fitted bra! So make sure you are measured correctly. Much to my surprise, even though I’d lost a lot of weight last year my bra measurements remained the same. I was around 15 years old when I had my first professional bust area fitting. As a true lingerie lover, I used to shop way too much especially at specific lingerie stores at Somerset Mall and the V&A Waterfront.


Your True Breast Measurements Don’t Actually Change.

I thought that they would. Yet when I started to shop for pieces for my wardrobe, I made sure to have a professional fitting done again. Since I didn’t want to start purchasing the wrong size and because of the unexpected weight loss everywhere else. As they measure one’s true bust and chest area. Your actual breast size and rib cage will remain the same. This is why you should always be fitted by a professional and use those measurements when shopping online.

You can also do it yourself or have someone at home help you to get an accurate measurement. Many online stores have great size guides in order to help you get the correct fit when purchasing. These are typically listed when selecting a specific bra, along with the other details about the bra style, fabric etc. Even if you are As they measure the actual true bust and chest area your actual breast size and rib cage will remain the same.

Simple lace lingerie

I love the luxury of a touch of lace or a silky negligee or even finding “That Everyday” style bra. Which can be as challenging as finding the perfect pair of jeans. Fortunately unlike with jeans, Finding that “That Everyday” bra is something that will never go out of style.

Always Add a Classic Quality Nude Set to your Lingerie Collection.

I will say though that nothing is better than finding a well-fitted bra! So I made sure I was professionally measured correctly. Yet, even though I’d lost an unexpected, significant amount of weight, last year. Much to my surprise, my bra measurements remained the same. Finding a quality matching nude set though is a must for everybody. No matter your style, there will come a time when you need it.

Calvin Klein Basic

Mixing and Matching

For some, matching underwear sets are a must. Something I find rather hard to achieve. I’m not sure about you. For me, it’s all about mixing it up. As I find it difficult to achieve. Unlike with bikinis, where sometimes you can often easily swap around pieces in a set. Lingerie is very different. I pretty much never wear matching sets. Aside from when I’m going for a more sensual intimate style. A lingerie set which is worn to be seen. 

Which why I love when brands play around with the same style but separate pieces in a variety of sizes and colours. If you do tend to have a body shape that is of similar proportions then you can often find amazing duo deals and some that are even mixed colours.


The majority of us have bodies that don’t fit into set sizing like “Small or Extra Large” both on the top and bottom. For instance, I’m a 32D breast size and a size 30 on the bottom. So mixing it up is necessary. The same applies when I’m wearing a white top then a nude bra is a must and if I have paired the shirt with dark jeans then I naturally prefer darker shaded bottoms. 

It’s All About Finding Your Style.

That’s why lingerie is so incredibly personal. Only you and whoever you want to see what you’re wearing will know. There’s nothing wrong with wanting an extra “boost” on some days and others “No underwire for me, thank you!”.


There is a Brand & Style for Everyone These Days.


How incredibly awesome is this underwear set by Frankees? Even though it isn’t quite the style for me. I absolutely love discovering playful lingerie. I know of many people who will love both the fit and print.

So go find your empowering lingerie style!