REN Perfect Canvas Review

Everything Beauty, Launches, Reviews, Skincare By Feb 28, 2018

REN have just launched a skin perfecting serum called Perfect Canvas. The whole idea behind it is that the more perfect and even your skin is, the better it will look and the smoother makeup will apply. Sure, we’ve all tried countless primers but REN’s is completely silicone-free and it’s full of bio-actives. So while the initial appearance of your skin is smooth and matte with a refined finish, it is also doing a whole lot more.

Perfect Canvas is formulated with Probiotics extracts that positively influence the speed and quality of the epidermal growth, boosting the production of essential proteins and enzymes which improve both the barrier function and cell cohesion, promoting overall skin health and structure.

It also contains Hyluronans that convert to HA in the skin, increase skin hydration, elasticity and aid the reduction of wrinkle depth, while Agave tequilana extract provides an instant filling effect and mattifies without the use of silicone. Lastly, the α-Glucans rebalance the homeostasis of the skin by promoting the growth of skin-friendly bacteria, optimising skin health.

I am thoroughly impressed with this product. At first, I didn’t expect much but after day 1 my makeup hadn’t smudged and it felt comfortable. After a week of use I noticed that I haven’t had any breakouts, not even on my chin where I usually get a few. I think this is also due to the probiotics which balance out the bad bacteria. The chin area while hormonal is also linked to bacteria from phones etc.

I have noticed a huge difference to how my makeup applies, one that makes this worth the R995 price tag. It balances my oily t-zone, hydrates my cheeks, eliminates small pimples and makes my makeup last! I’ve even started using it on it’s own with no makeup over, when I want my skin to breath.

Disclosure Ranking: 2