Products I’m Loving At The Moment

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SEROZINC (R150) has been recommended by dermatologists in France for decades. Since that time, users suffering from oily or acne-prone skin have experienced the life-changing effects of SEROZINC from La Roche-Posay. Zinc has long been used in dermatology for its efficacy on oily and acne-prone skin types. The mineral zinc can help people who are trying to combat oily skin and blemishes at the skin level.

This key ingredient reduces the secretion of sebum, limits inflammation, and helps to heal the skin. Applying a zinc-enriched product topically, for example in a mist, is a simple way to inhibit the 5α- reductase enzymes that increase sebum production and lead to these problems.

I’ve mentioned several times that Essence creates superb products that are reasonably priced.
Essence Colour Up! Shine On! in 06 Strawberry Popsicle is a beautiful bright shade. It works so well when you want a bright fun lippie!

SkinPhD Cleansing Lotion (R340) is a highly effective, yet gentle dermatological preparation, with a specially developed synergistic cleansing system, designed specifically for dry and sensitive skin. A combination of Sericin and prickly ash bark helps to calm and soothe irritated and stressed skin, leaving it feeling moisturised, soothed and rejuvenated.

FINO Soothe WOMAN is an ingrown hair eliminator. This hygienic aftercare balm is packed with a powerful blend of natural fruit enzymes and Vitamin A, which helps prevent irritating ingrown hairs.