NuTan Patches Review

Everything Beauty, Reviews By May 03, 2018

A while back I was asked if I’d like to review some tanning patches. To be incredibly fair I was tempted. NuTan offers injectables, a nasal spray and patches and not having to self-tan would be a huge time-saver plus I hate the smell of self-tans. Yes, they all have that scent no matter what!

I was a bit concerned about the patches concept at first and read up about it here.

So it’s safe but can wearing a little patch help give me a tan?! To say I was sceptical is putting it mildly. However, I saw the results and it was so simple!

One patch kit (R799) contains 10 patches. One kit will last around 3 weeks for first-time users. One patch should be used every second day with a bit of UV to activate your tan…

Once you have the perfect tan, one patch is to be used twice a week with UV to maintain your tan and keep it indefinitely.

I’ll also admit that I didn’t get nearly as much UV as they suggested but mostly because of work and I also didn’t use the patches as often because I didn’t want them to run out!

I noticed the biggest difference with my selfies though. These were taken exactly a month apart (hence the hair colour which had just been done) and then I noticed the massive difference as I scrolled through the “selfie” album on my phone.

Both were taken in the same place in my bathroom and around about the same time of day too. As I mentioned before I never tan my face so to be able to see a change in skin tone there of all places, is what has impressed me the most about this product.

The patches are effective and so simple to use and I’ve been complimented on my glow and how “healthy” I look, almost as if I’ve been on holiday. It’s crazy what a bit of a tanner look can do. I highly recommend these and they also protect against burning which is always a plus in my books.

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