My Top Pimple Fighters- Lamelle Clarity

Everything Beauty, Reviews By May 20, 2018

If you’ve ever messaged me asking which pimple cream works best then you probably know ALL about the Lamelle Clarity Active Control gel. The Lamelle Clarity Active Control gel forms part of the Clarity treatment programme for problematic skins. It is amazing because it reduces inflammation and infection as well as prevents scarring. I know picking a pimple is never wise but if you do happen to pop one then you want to apply this ASAP. However, if you can hold yourself back from picking (Read here how to do so without damaging the skin) then just apply this directly to the pimple twice or even three times a day and it’ll be gone by the next day if it’s one of those nasty sore hormonal breakouts.

It consists of a combination of Growth Factors to ensure faster healing of skin lesions whilst a combination 
of hydrating ingredients support your skin’s barrier function and moisturise. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory for active breakouts.

For serious acne, no matter what age you are the Clarity range works because none of the products dry out the skin. This is extremely important as often skin that produces to much sebum and appears “oily” is actually dry. You want to create harmony and get your skin to a place where the PH isn’t compromised nor is the skin barrier which is often the case with harsh “pimple busters”.

A great product to add to your skincare regime, if the full Clarity programme is a little out of your budget, is the Clarity Corrective AM cream. Lamelle Clarity Corrective AM is a lightweight treatment moisturiser suitable for all acne sufferers. I don’t suffer from acne just breakouts but was tempted to see if this cream was as effective as the gel is. I tested it out and my skin felt great and I noticed less redness. I then passed it onto a friend who suffers from both facial acne and bacne (back acne) and they marvelled at how well it worked. The bacne has actually cleared up completely after a month of use.

The Clarity Corrective AM cream contains a Nobel Prize-winning Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which makes it essential for all acne sufferers. These Growth Factors are masters in wound healing. It also contains high-quality Peptides to provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. As well as Retinoic Acid Ester which helps to gently exfoliate dead surface skin cells. As with all of the Clarity products, please use an SPF and avoid too much sun exposure. You should be using SPF each and every single day anyway and if you love your skin or want clear skin then protect it!

The Clarity Corrective AM cream helps with follicle blockage, which is probably why it helped with the bacne, excess oil production, infection and inflammation. It also helps secondary concerns such as dark marks, scarring and skin dryness. Again we want to balance the skin not dry it out.

All of the Lamelle Clarity products can be purchased directly from Skin Renewal’s online store The Online Skin Shop. They always have superb specials and a chat pop-up which can assist you with product selection or any enquiries.

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