A Mix and Match Beauty Tag

Everything Beauty By Jul 07, 2014

I love to read Tags whether they are beauty, fashion, life or Vlogger related. Maybe I am just nosey but I enjoy having a slight insight into the girl’s sites that I read on a weekly basis. I have been working quite long hours lately and getting adequate lighting for product shots is quite tough but there are a number of reviews on their way soon. I thought why not consolidate some of my favourite questions from fellow bloggers tags into one big Mix and Match Beauty Tag.


1) How did you come up with your blog name?
I came up with my blog name before I was even into social media and didn’t consider the character limits of Twitter or how long it is to roll off the tongue when introducing myself at events. It was about me taking life one step at a time. My actual favourite saying is “everything in life can be achieved with baby steps” but one baby step at a time doesn’t sound very stylish so I decided on One Stiletto At A Time.

2) Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
Neither, my hair is naturally wavy and thick with two frizzy sections in the front. Therefore it has to be styled or blow-dried in order to look groomed. It also takes forever to dry.

3) Do you collect makeup or just buy what you need when you need it?
Hmm, I guess I do “collect” when it comes to limited editions but otherwise I am fairly frugal in my purchases. I get given a lot of fun products which satisfy my beauty quota so I really only buy my skincare products and a few impulse purchases here and there.

4) How often do you change your handbag?
I go through phases of having a “main” handbag in which I throw and carry absolutely everything from brushes to cutlery (just in case). When my back can no longer lug around a big one or when I don’t need to have my camera with me then I usually style a smaller bag with my look. Would you guys be interested in seeing an updated “What is in My Handbag” post?

5) Left handed or right-handed?
Both. I am ambidextrous which is actually more confusing than helpful.

6) What kind of camera do you use for your photographs?
Canon 700D, and I still feel that I don’t use it to its full potential.

7) Do you swear?
Yes, admittedly quite a bit. I am a huge hip hop fan so I can be quite foul-mouthed but also know when to act like a lady.

8) How long will you last with chipped nail polish?
A day or two. It used to bug me more when I was younger but I tend to be more relaxed about things like that now unless it is a dark shade then I have to fix it asap.

9) What is your worst beauty habit?
Picking at my cuticles. I have one on my thumb that I swear is a side ways growing nail, it is just too sharp and sore.

10) Would you rather be able to apply eyeliner perfectly or be able to contour like Kim Kardashian?
Contour!! I have tried to follow some YouTube tutorials and failed drastically, I don’t think it works as well on very fair skin.

11) Would you rather wear foundation which is two shades lighter or two shades darker?
Lighter, I could just use bronzer over to avoid look ghostly.

12) What beauty products are always in your purse?
Estee Lauder eyeliner, Essence facewipes, an assortment of nail polish, Clinique pressed powder concealer, Blistex DCT lip balm, an assortement of lipglosses, Chanel Nr19 lip stick.

13) If you had to either give up all makeup for two months or give up your skincare for a week, which would you pick?
Skincare, makeup could mask any bad things and it is only for a week so shouldn’t do too much damage.

14) What’s your favourite way to do your hair?
Loose wavy curls with volume. However, since I am lazy and not very talented when it comes to curls my own hair I tend to create a straighter look with volume. I plan to learn at least 5 new ways to wear my hair this month and put it to practice.

15) Free massages forever or free facials?
Massages. I have the mos messed up back and have to go for a Thai massage at least once a month to have some relief. When I was 10 I was indirectly hit by lightening ( it hit the wall and the power of it hit me knocking me off my chair) since then I have suffered from Snapping Scapula Syndrome which leads to build up of knots on a constant basis.

If anyone else wants to do this tag then you are more than welcome to. I would love to read your responses!