Charity – #ProjectHygiene

Lifestyle Section By Jul 09, 2014

Having a platform that reaches thousands each month has a fair amount of power and while it may be dedicated to more frivolous things like fashion and beauty, charity is something I strongly believe in and try to lend a hand wherever I can. I aim to give or volunteer to a different organistion or project each month. When I saw Saturday Girl SA Natalie’s Instagram post about this project I just knew I had to feature it…

Natheefah and Naseera came up with the idea of #ProjectHygiene. Natheefah says “My friend Naseera and I basically decided that we wanted to donate hygiene packs to people in need. While a lot of people focus on food donations, which is great, we felt that the hygiene aspect was slightly more neglected.

So we sent out a simple message to friends and family, and on instagram and twitter in hopes of receiving some contributions.”


They will be running the project until the end of the month. Each week they will donate a number of packs to a worthy place. Natheefah said “We like to research and make sure that the places we give to are sincerely in need and will benefit from the packs. Especially because we’ve got a responsibility towards everyone who’s donated, to spend the money responsibly.”

One Hygiene pack costs R70 but the #ProjectHygiene is open to a donation of any amount.

Donations can be made out to:
Standard Bank
Cheque Account
Account Number:271695285
Branch Code:025109

Please use #ProjectHygiene as a reference