Lifestyle: Gumtree Mobile Phone Price Checker

Lifestyle Section By May 09, 2015

For a long time I steered clear from buying and/or selling used mobile phones simply because I thought for some reason that it was a total hassle. Every time I would buy mobile phones I would forget about my old used phone and leave it lying in a drawer somewhere, in case I needed a backup phone. One only needs one backup phone though and basically it was just wasted money lying in that drawer.

When Gumtree approached me about sponsoring a post introducing their new Mobile Phone Price Checker tool I was actually in the thought process of selling two of my phones as I am saving for an upcoming overseas trip (and a pair of Louboutins). However, as a newbie seller of secondhand phones I had no idea how to go about it and at what price to sell mine at. This isn’t my usual topic for my blog so I was unsure but after using the tool I realised that I had to share it with you guys because it is really awesome!


Whether you want to sell or buy mobile phones all types of phones are easy to view on the tool and you can view an appropriate price point to sell or estimate how much you will pay for used Iphones, used Blackberry Phones or used Samsung Phones simply by moving the slider on the tool.


The tool is super easy to use, simply select the brand and the model, it then gives you a nice info-graphic of the average price as well as details and tips such as if you sell the phone for a higher price then be aware that it will sell slower etc. The tool will also inform you how many secondhand phones for sale on the Gumtree website are the same make and model as yours. For instance there are currently 1088 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini’s for sale on Gumtree.

This tool makes it simple and easy to set a price point or to budget if you are looking to buy. At any point you can click on the right hand side of the tool and “find ads” for the specific phone you are looking at and the same for other electronics on sale.

Now to get listing and hopefully selling!