#ProtectTheHug with Garnier Protection 5 Deodorant

Everything Beauty, Fragrance Reviews, Launches, Reviews, Skincare By Feb 19, 2017

Since the end of last year Garnier have been busy with a super cute campaign called #ProtectTheHug and have even created a website where you can take part in the challenge.


So why does the hug need to be protected? Well 4 in 10 people avoid hugs because they are worried about how they smell, 81% of people send more emojis than hugs, 70% of Generation Z believe typing *hugs* is the same as a real hug and only 65% of people have had a hug in the last 48 hours.

The #ProtectTheHug campaign is to promote Garnier’s Protection 5 range of deodorants which provide anti-odour, anti-humidity, anti-discomfort, anti-yellow stains and anti-white marks. I personally really like the range as it contains no ethyl alcohol and no parabens.

You can check out what type of hugger you are, I’m a “THE SIDE HUG – Personal space is important to you. Side Huggers like affection but aren’t too keen on being trapped in an unbreakable grasp.” Also make sure that you upload a pic of you hugging to the online gallery over here.