Dirty Works Winning Team Review

Everything Beauty, Reviews By Jul 27, 2013

I am a massive fan of exfoliation and come winter time I rely a lot more on body scrubs. A luxurious body lotion is always a must too. I have used various products from Dirty Works before but a couple of weeks ago I saw this pack on sale at Clicks for half the price. I just had to pick it up! Inside it contains their “winning team” which consists of a body wash, body scrub and lotion as well as a little pink loofer.

The body wash smells delicious and has an interesting gloopy gel-like consistency, it almost clings together rather than what most washes or body gels do. This is great in that if you drop some it won’t all be lost and can be scooped up easily.

The scrub is the ultimate winner in my opinion. It appears to contain vanilla pods and cocoa bean, it is very gritty but not overly abrasive. This helps to slough away all the dead skin cells with ease.

The lotion has a lovely light and fresh scent that won’t compete with your fragrance. It absorbs fairly quickly and does thoroughly moisturise ones skin.

The set usually retails for R120 at Clicks but I picked it up for R60, I was so impressed after using it that night that I went back and picked up another set.