DermaSix Skincare Mini Vampire Facial Review

Everything Beauty, Reviews, Skincare By Apr 12, 2018

I love micro-needling because with the amount I spend on skincare products I want them to be able to be delivered and for my skin to actually be able to show the results. I was invited by the team from DermaSIX Skincare for a mini vampire facial. This is not the kind where they take your blood and all that. But thanks to the special DermaSIX Collagen Pen one is able to penetrate the skin deeper with less pain. The therapist will judge how deep one can go but even though this pen can go deeper than 2mm that can only be done by a doctor.

So how does Collagen Induction work?
Collagen Induction Therapy is a process whereby multiple fine sterile needles are employed to vertically pierce the skin, thus creating small channels into deeper layers of the skin. These pin point punctures create “micro wounds”, whilst leaving the epidermis intact. This process initiates a wound-repair process which includes fibroblast proliferation and the laying down of collagen fibres.

It helps with fine lines, wrinkles, scars, enlarged pores, pigmentation and so much more. Depending on what your skin needs you can have this treatment done multiple times throughout the year but with no less than 4 weeks between each session.

Usually one does 0.5mm on the forehead but I was still comfortable up until 1mm and then 1.5mm on the cheeks etc. I even had it done over my lips. They put plenty of numbing cream on so the sensation is more like an electric toothbrush rather then something with needles pricking you. The above photo is after my forehead has been done and the one prior is makeup free waiting for the Novacaine to kick in. My eyes were watering a little but that was due to the numbing cream more than anything else.

The whole DermaSIX Sensational process is lovely though, they apply a vitamin rich oil and then once you bleed they rub in a serum specific to your problem area. So as you can see I had congestion on my forehead at the time. Afterwards they apply a beautiful cooling clay peel off mask and even though you walk out looking like sunburnt victim you definitely don’t feel it!

Skin is open for 24 hours after so no touching and definitely no make-up. Obviously it’s best to use the SIX Post Skin Peel Care Kit. And most importantly SPF 50 and nothing less. Although you should be using one already.

What to expect?
Day 1 – 4: Slightly roughened skin surface due to micro scabbing process. Perhaps peeling of the skin. A release of growth factors, fibroblast (cells that produce collagen and elastin) proliferation begins
Day 4 – 20: Epidermal growth, collagen and elastin boost
Day 20 onwards: Skin tightening, increase in collagen

I experienced redness for the first day and then slight peeling but nothing bad at all. By day 20 my skin felt very smooth and the congestion had gone. All except (of course nothing to do with the treatment) for the mozzie bite right in the middle of my forehead below. But I didn’t want to photoshop anything. Keeping it real y’all!

The DermaSIX Sensational Collagen Pen treatment AKA mini Vampire facial treatment price varies depending on who you go to but is between R650-R950. Which is really well-priced compared to most Dermapen treatments. To find a salon or therapist near you then visit their website here.

This treatment was done at The Heavenly spa at The Westin which is so beautiful, I cannot believe I’ve never been there before.

Full disclosure I had this treatment prior to my peels with Rondebosch Aesthetics and I definitely think the two work well together which is why I am incorporating micro-needling into my regular skin care regime. It 100% makes a difference.

Disclosure Ranking: 2