CHI Luxury Blow Dry Cream and Flexible Hold Hair Spray Review

Everything Beauty, Haircare, Reviews By Mar 26, 2018

The two most important beauty-related products I focus on most of the on the blog would have to be skincare and haircare. I LOVE trialling hair products and when these two gorgeous products from the CHI Black Seed Oil range landed on my desk I knew they’d be winners. If you want your hair to have that salon shine and sheen every day then the Black Seed range is ideal. I swear by their Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner!

I struggle with flyaways and frizz but I also tend to have an oilier scalp and dry ends so heavy duty frizz-focused products don’t always work for me. The CHI Luxury Blow Dry Cream is a lightweight styling cream that creates sleek and smooth styles with restored shine. It’s applied when the hair is damp. I just pump a small amount into the palm of my hands and then gently work through. I then use a tangle teezer to comb through to make sure it’s distributed evenly.

When it comes to hairstyles I tend to stick to straight or wavy because whenever I attempt curls myself they drop so fast. I also hate how “crunchy” hair sprays can often leave ones hair. CHI Black Seed Oil Flexible Hold Hairspray is a fast drying volumizing hair spray that leaves the hair styled but still soft and supple. Thanks to the Black Seed Oil it is also moisturising and strengthens ones hair. See below for a pic of my curls towards the end of the day. To see how they normally look you can see in my previous post here.

Disclosure Ranking: 2