Beauty Blender Review

Everything Beauty, Makeup Reviews, Reviews, Skincare By Nov 17, 2014

For many years I toyed with the idea of getting a Beauty Blender sponge. Every overseas beauty feature I saw raved about this seemingly magical little pink sponge. When overseas I thought maybe I should get it but the price tag always put me off. I recently spotted it on Rubybox, which is a local site and pretty much my shopping mecca, for R350 including a full size bottle of their Beauty Blender cleanser. Still a very hefty price for a sponge. Long story short I gathered my Rubyrands and bought it.


When it arrived I immediately use the cleanser on my brushes and other sponges and was adequately happy with the results but not wowed away it. It does its job but you still have to do the work. P.S I hate, hate cleaning my brushes so this may have some influence. 90ml it retails for R159.95.

The Beauty Blender Sponge (R299.99) itself is a whole other ball game. At first I was too afraid to use it, yes sad I know but I was waiting for the “right time”. I glanced at the history and the instructions on the back and saw that one must wet it before its first use. So obviously the above pic was taken prior to it being used.

It really is worthy of the hype and praise. I have always used a combination of a sponge and a brush to apply my foundation and never thought simply using a sponge would create such a flawless effect. I often find that application with a brush alone is too heavy and a sponge draws up too much foundation diminishing the coverage. The Beauty Blender is the perfect balance.

P.S The Beauty Blender is currently out of stock on Rubybox but they do have a double pack in stock for R464.95 otherwise just click Notify Me to find out when the singles will be back in.