Be Water-Wise with Lush

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We are well and truly blessed with the rainfall we’ve been experiencing and the fact that the dams have passed the 50% mark but we are still in a drought and need to be water-wise. Also, I have realised what a precious resource water is and can’t stand the thought of being wasteful with it. I feel the same way when I see perfectly fine food being thrown away. So since this is predominantly a beauty blog let’s see what products we can use to help conserve water and still look good.

I contacted Lush as they have been fully on the ball with promoting one to save water and even have a section dedicated to water-wise products. Normally I’d splash my face with cold water after a hot shower or bath, remember those, to “close” my pores before applying serums and lotions. Lush’s Breath of Fresh Air (R165) is a refreshing toner water and one spritz is enough for the entire face. It contains mineral-rich carrageenan seaweed extract and rose absolute to tone and balance the skin.

Oh yes, you knew a dry shampoo would make this list, didn’t you? No Drought dry shampoo (R95) contains oil-absorbing powders, grapefruit, and lime to refresh your hair without water. This is ideal if you want a quick refresher between washes as it will soak up excess oil to leave a matte, clean look without any dustiness. Massage a little into your scalp and through the hair, then brush out. It also lasts and lasts and lasts! I love the refreshing scent which is such a “pick-me-up”.

I know this may seem like an odd choice but the Skin’s Shangri La moisturiser (R485) is a great way to get nourishing oils into your skin without using pure oil products which tend to take longer to wash off and if you use Micellar water it undoes some of the goodness that the oils provided. Lush says that this product is ideal for dry skin but I think it’s blended so well that it will work on oily skin types too. The formula is a unique one with a base of five nourishing oils, added cocoa butter and beeswax, and a shot of Queen of Hungary Water (which is rosemary, an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, steeped in vodka), long known for its beautifying qualities.

So you skipped your shower or didn’t want to have a second shower before heading out and you need to freshen up a bit then Lush’s body sprays are to the rescue. Their Rose Jam has been a favourite of my because it lasts and lasts. If you want some more unisex then Twilight is the one for you. It’s the most intoxicatingly sexy scent and I quite like that it isn’t as intense as Rose Jam. Some days you want that powerful presence and others you want a more subtle but effective fragrance.

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