Babor Cleansing Cp HY-ÖL Review

Everything Beauty, Reviews, Skincare By Feb 19, 2016

I’ve been meaning to get this review up for the longest time ever, in fact my bottles are already half way finished! You know a product is great when a beauty blogger sticks with one skincare product for consecutive months. Babor is a brand I swear by, in fact whenever I am interviewed and asked to list my favourite products they tend to feature quite a bit. However, even though I’ve used so many of their products I had yet to try the Cp HY-ÖL which is pretty crazy considering this year marks its 60th anniversary.

Babor Hy-ol review

To mark the company’s 60th anniversary in 2016, Babor have launched a limited edition set. As the HY-ÖL has been a bestseller for 60 years, the set has been aptly named “Since 1956”. It comes in an elegant, white-and-gold metal box and contains the classic cleanser HY-ÖL and a PhytoActive best suited for your specific skin type. My skin was going through a bit of a dehydrated patch so I chose the “For Dry Skin” PhytoActive Base which contains herbal essences of mint, birch leaf and rosemary that invigorate and refresh ones skin.

The cleansing ritual for the Babor HY-ÖL is a unique one:

Firstly, apply the HY-ÖL to the skin (do not moisten beforehand). Hydrophilic soybean oil,
sesame oil and peanut oil remove oil-soluble particles.
Next, apply the Phytoactive over the HY-ÖL. Natural herbal extracts for specific
skin types moisturize and condition the skin, even as you cleanse.
Finally moisten your fingers with cold water and massage your face to create a milky
emulsion that cleanses thoroughly. Then rinse off with cool water. Skin is left feeling silky soft and thoroughly cleansed.

The Cleansing Cp HY-ÖL retails for R456 and is available online over here.

The Cleansing Cp PhytoActive Base retails for R368 for 100ml which lasts ages, I’ve found that I really use only a tiny bit of this as it spreads really well with HY-ÖL.