A Break-in, a Breakup and a Breakdown…

Mental Health, Wellness By Feb 20, 2016

I kind of feel like I need to write about some things that recently occurred. Yes, the blog is primarily beauty and fashion but I feel that it is also important to “get real” sometimes with more personal posts.

Sadly this beautiful bag which my sister got me was also stolen. I usually use it as my daily bag but that day I went for a smaller bag.

Sadly this beautiful bag which my sister got me was also stolen. I usually use it as my daily bag but that day I went for a smaller bag.

Last month after a particularly tiring day at work I unlocked my apartment and walked in to spot that the sliding door was open as was a cupboard and some drawers. My heart sank and my mind raced through some thoughts “did I leave the sliding door open” “NEVER!” “did I leave those drawers open” Who are you kidding Abby, you’re OCD about closing things”. I then rushed round to the corridor and bedrooms and saw everything absolutely trashed.

My heart sank. My blood ran cold. I was in disbelief.

The bedrooms in particular were completely ransacked. They opened every single little box and cupboard they could. “Shopped” through my clothing rails, stole every precious jewellery piece; including my deceased dad’s watches, Granny’s pearls and earrings etc. Each and every piece of jewellery. Watches. Hats. GHD, Straighteners and even my hairdryer. All gone.

My laptops, tripod, memory cards, back-up externals, back-up back-up externals. All gone. In fact every thing and anything they could grab. They stole all my handbags, a shocking number to admit now of 35 handbags and must have piled everything in there and into our large travel suitcases.

I felt absolutely violated. They’d even ripped through my bed covers and stolen lingerie. I kept telling myself to be grateful that I wasn’t home and no one was harmed. Which is so, so true but it did none the less shake my world up. Especially as insurance is refusing to pay but that’s another story. Bottom line all those things are gone and the very bottom line is that they truly are just material things.

The frightful thing is less than a week later they tried to break-in again, perhaps thinking insurance had paid out? Ha ha for them. Some security had been upgraded and the attempt was visible but not successful. This has instilled a further fear in me though and let’s just say a sleepless night is nothing new at this point. Security has since been quadrupled and I can finally say that was are secure.

Still, one starts to question everything and everyone. Yes they have images of the cars (GTI’s) and the people who broke in. They are certain is was a syndicate however as the cars were definitely not cheap cars and the criminals knew exactly what was high value and what to take and what to leave sans a pair of MR P earmuffs I picked up for R20. Seriously, why would they steal those?!

The same week I went through a break-up as well. After four years I finally felt enough is enough and am so much happier. It does feel like a deeper lose because ofter four years sharing so much and aside from being partners, we were also the best of friends to silence. It has been difficult yet necessary. Sometimes things just stop working.

I titled this a Break-in, a Break-up and a Breakdown. The breakdown part is a bit more complicated. I felt stripped completely last month. I felt extremely low. But also it felt like a necessary purging. Like a phoenix I am now ready to take on more and conquer more life goals. Yes, I am still suffering from quite a bit of anxiety and I’ll post about that next week but for now the focus is on dealing with things one step (stiletto) at a time.