Avon Far Away Rebel EDP Review

Everything Beauty, Fragrance Reviews, Launches, Reviews By Aug 04, 2018

Avon Far Away Rebel, the latest fragrance in the well-loved Far Away collection, is designed to embody authenticity, courage, and fearlessness. Away Rebel is a unique combination that opens with a vivid burst of crème de cassis and fresh orange blossom and finishes off with daring salted chocolate and toffee.

Far Away Rebel was developed with the world-class perfumer, Jean-Marc Chaillan, from the IFF fragrance house who said: “I felt inspired by the woman who emanates hints of innocence beneath a layer of audacious passion.”

It’s quite a sophisticated fragrance and yet extremely playful and fun. When I thought of a “far away rebel” I literally thought let’s just drive somewhere desolate and then spotted this machine with caution tape nearby, in basically the middle of no-where.

Being a rebel is about breaking the mould and being daring. The fragrance is a beautiful combination of naughty and nice and is exactly what I look for in a fragrance.