A Million thanks to David Gillson for introducing me to Keratherapy!

Everything Beauty, Haircare By Apr 25, 2019

For years and years, I used harsh box dye, in fact, once I changed my hair four times with permanent dye in one weekend and surprisingly my hair never fell out! I continued with strong dyes and changing things up but then progressed to regular treatments. I thought if my hair felt soft and looked good then it was “healthy”.

David Gillson from Carlton has carefully nurtured my blonde hair to what truly healthy hair is. Even though I am still a light blonde, my hair is in no way weak, porous or dull. It feels like silk and dries quickly (a sign of porous hair is hair that clings to water). Also, the shine is incredible! We all know that that isn’t an easy feat with blonde hair.

David started with a Keratherapy Colour Smooth & Lock and 6 weeks later we went for the more intense Pure Renewal Plus which contains hydrolysed collagen and a protein complex to replenish the hair. Then 6 weeks later I had the Keratherapy Colour Smooth & Lock again as this helps maintain a naturally nourished, frizz-free texture. Above is after my first wash after my last treatment. I allowed my hair to air-dry to show just how amazing the treatment is for combatting frizz. The reason for this is that we often look incredible straight out of a salon but David Gillson makes sure that his work and the health of his client’s hair last longer than a few days.

To see my hair after the first treatment you can read my blog post on it over here!

Some very exciting news is that David Gillson, celebrity master hair stylist will be going global. He will now be working several days a month in Belgravia, London (I mean could he have chosen a better spot in England than affluent Belgravia!). See the below image for further details!

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