A friend of my mum’s gave away many of her gorgeous clothes a few years back when she moved to Italy. I scored a beautiful handmade pair of Ferragamo heels, some key work pieces from Max Mara and I also chose this camel vintage jacket. No one (including myself) could understand my fascination with this jacket but I absolutely love it. It reminds me of the jacket Serena wore in the pilot of Gossip Girl when she arrived at Grand Central.

I will admit I am not a fan of vintage clothing but I do like pieces that speak to me and that have a story. I guess I need to know who wore the item before me and the idea of some faceless individual creating memories in a piece only later to discard it or have to sell it makes me worry about the energy of the piece. Perhaps I think about things to much and too intensely.





Jacket- Vintage Paris
Jeans- Studio W
Boots- Zoom
Sunglasses- Versace
Bracelet- Zando


  1. Looking amazing as always


  2. I’m the exact opposite – I love vintage pieces and the idea of the people who once owned them, especially if the item is quite flamboyant 🙂 I do love the pieces handed down by my mom most though. So jelly of the Max Mara and Ferragamo!

  3. LOVE your jacket!
    Alice’s Pink Diary

  4. Absolutely in love with your jacket 😀

  5. Love it! I’m similar you – I’m not big on “random” vintage clothing but I have numerous items in my wardrobe that were my mom’s, aunt’s, grandmother’s (even my grandfather’s!) and love that the piece can live on!

  6. Thank you Candice x

  7. That’s so interesting. My mum steals more pieces from me than I do from her haha. Yes I’ll always treasure the Ferragamo heels. The workmanship is incredible.

  8. Very true! I am also big on passing down special pieces. Very rare in the current constant consumption era we live in.

  9. Thanks Alice xx

  10. Thanks for stopping by Lynne x

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