Verso Skincare Review

Everything Beauty, Reviews, Skincare By Oct 17, 2013

I am very rarely blown away by anti-aging products as most contain so little of the active ingredient to make an actual difference. Yes they can assist with hydration, fine lines and boost ones glow but turn back time… well I can only pick out about 5% of all the anti-aging products on the market that truly make a difference.

When the Verso range arrived I was intrigued, the look is very clean and sleek and the range has been featured in Vogue. So can this stylish range do any heavy lifting? I have been using the full range numbers 1-5 every day for the past three weeks and one word “wow”!

Every single product in the range is top quality and does an amazing job. My skin feels soft, doesn’t feel tight or dry and any fine lines have vanished. Sounds impressive and it is, if after only three weeks of use these are the results then I can safely say long-term use will change your skin dramatically. Verso in Latin means reverse, and so it certainly does.

1 is the Foaming Cleanser and after first use I was already considering swapping out my usual cleanser for this one permanently. It takes off all make-up but is gentle on one’s skin and when rinsed off there wasn’t any oily residue or tightness.

2 is the Day Cream and I loved how balanced my skin felt after using this, it is sufficiently hydrating without feeling too heavy. The day cream contains Retinol 8 as well as an SPF of 15.

3 is the Night Cream which is slightly richer than the day but still isn’t too heavy. Waking up without any oiliness was wonderful as is the case with a number of other night creams.

4 is the Super Facial Serum which is healing and strengthening and also contains Retinol 8, in fact every product apart from the cleanser contains Retinol 8 . Retinol 8 is a complex of a vitamin A derivative and polyphenol extracts which is eight times more powerful than traditional retinol, gentle on the skin and safe to use in sunlight. It is known among beauty bloggers and editors to be the most effective form of vitamin A and the results back this up. Retinol 8 is clinically proven to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, strengthen the skin barrier, reduce hyper-pigmented spots, and supply the skin with more energy and oxygen which results in finer more radiant looking skin.

5 is the Super Eye Serum and my favourite of the lot. I have fine lines around my eyes that have only recently appeared but bug me tremendously and after using a tiny amount of this serum for the past three weeks they are already far less visible. Like I said this range is Impressive with a capital I! Verso states the positive effects are typically visible after 6-8 weeks of use so I am excited to see the further effects by then.

Another plus is that the Verso range contains no dyes, no parabens, no mineral oil and no other harmful substances.
This review may sound like an advertorial but I am genuinely head over heels in love with this range and the effects I have seen so far. The range is exclusive to the Rubybox store and retails from R599.95 for the Foaming Cleanser to R1499,95 for the Facial Super Serum. This is actually extremely well priced considering you are getting 8 times the strength of the active ingredient compared to many other similar priced brands.