Katy Perry has just launched a new fragrance called Killer Queen. Thanks to Beauty Bulletin, I was one of the first in the country to try it out and these are my honest thoughts.

I prefer lighter sophisticated fragrances and must admit that Killer Queen is just not for me. It certainly isn’t a bad scent either but it doesn’t gel with me. A fragrance is a very personal extension of ones self and what works for me and the PH of my skin might not work for you and vice Versa.

In saying that, I am fond of the staying power and richness of this fragrance. The scent is very sweet but with deep dark notes, if I had to describe this fragrance as a fabric I would say velvet. Think royalty, a powerful queen shrouded in heavy layers of clothing someone who needs a fragrance just as strong as they are.

With top notes of dark plum, wild berry and bergamot you know you are in for a heady mix, at the heart is sweet floral of red velver flower, rainbow plumeria and jasmine. The base provides an unusual sweet depth with liquid praline, cashmeran and patchouli heart. Deep, sweet (but not a light floral sweetness at all) and slightly smokey thanks to the patchouli it certainly is an interesting fragrance and I know of many woman who will absolutely love it.

Also for a celeb fragrance the staying power is pretty impressive.
Killer Queen by Katy Perry EDP is available at Edgars,Dis-Chem,Foschini, Truworths, Fragrance Stores


  1. I love this honest review. From your description, it actually sounds like something I would love. Can’t wait to try it xx

  2. I love the honesty:) It actually sounds like my kinda fragrance because I love berry notes! I was hoping her third fragrance would be called Roar tho, given that the previous two were Purr and Meow 🙂

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