Theravine UltraVine™ Advance Cellular Gold Facial Review

Everything Beauty, Launches, Reviews, Skincare By Oct 29, 2013

In my utterly fabulous goodie bag from the Equinox spa day at the Cape Royale Hotel that I attended a couple of weeks ago there was this very interesting Theravine Ultravine Advance Cellular Gold Facial film mask.

I decided to only try it out now as during exams I tend to cut back on the pampering, so when I finish with my exams then my skin is always in quite a mess. This mask is for professional use only so one would typically have it done at a spa such as the Equinox Spa.

The Theravine Ultravine Advance Cellular Gold Facial film mask contains concentrated actives such as plant-based collagen to help brighten the skin, lock in moisture and fight the signs of aging. It also contains actual pieces of diamond dust and 24k gold which is said to enhance effects of the actives leaving skin moisturised and glowing with illumination. This all sounds very fancy and fabulous but did I see results… Well first let me warn you that this mask is rather creepy to look at (see what I mean below). Now imagine just how scary it looks on!

After leaving this mask on for 30min I was so impressed with the results. The tiny pieces of gold create the most wonderful glow ever and my bare skin looked as if it had a highlighter on. It also felt so smooth and soft. They say that you must rub in the excess lotion and then can apply a day/night cream but my skin already felt sufficiently moisturised. I loved this mask so much that I would happily have it done at least once a week. This was my first time using a Theravine product and I am now looking forward to trying other products from the range because if the results are half as good as this then I am sold!