Chanel Black Satin Nail Colour

Everything Beauty, Hand/Nails, Reviews By Oct 31, 2013

In honour of Halloween I decided to post this review, I mean who doesn’t love/need black nails in their life sometimes and who better to wear other than Chanel?

Almost every beauty loving girl has heard of Chanel Vernis in Black Satin. It is the shade that sparked the entire revival of black nails back in 2008 and in that same year sold out so fast that an Ebay bidding war soon ensued. Black nails are once again experiencing a rise in trend however this time it has become the chic girls classic option (I mean who wants french manicures anymore). Black can look demure and classy as long as it is chip-free and glossy.

I have heard many varying opinions when it comes to what the ultimate long-lasting black nail polish brand is, with Dior and Chanel often appearing as the front-runners. While overseas I was adamant on picking up either one of these at an ever so slightly more reasonable price than here in SA (think around R290 local). In the end I chose a pure black shade from Chanel and it is certainly a choice I have been happy with over the last few months. This shade is solid, one coat and it covers the white of my nails. It is super glossy and looks slick and stylish. It is also very long-wearing and only chips after around 7 days (I do use a base and top coat). It is vital that one uses a base coat with any dark nail polish to prevent staining. Girls, if you are after a good quality black nail polish then this is the one to spoil yourself with.

(Not sure why my hand looks so freaky and tiny in this shot but oh well today is all about freaky things)