The BF Reviews: Six Man range

Everything Beauty By Jul 10, 2019

So a while back, as in a while…while…back, I received these products from Six Sensational Skincare for my boyfriend to trial. I love that it’s a concise easy to use range and thought I’d get a “review” after about two weeks of use. Which is the normal length of time I’d personally review skincare.

Well let’s just say this is what I received: “Beard oil is amazing, but now you won’t let me have a beard so I’ve started using it on my hair.” Um okay, I must say his beard did look healthier and more glossy.

“The cleanser, as with all of the products, the packaging is very sleek.” And he liked the duality of the product, in that it is a face wash and a shaving face wash. Why are men’s skincare products always so convenient?!

The biggest game-changer was the moisturiser. “My skin feels so soft, is this why your skin feels so soft?”. So apologies if this isn’t the greatest review but I will say from my perspective I could see a difference in his skin. The beard oil I can see why it is a best-seller, it contains vitamin E and wheatgerm so I have suggested that he shouldn’t waste it on his hair but continue to use it on the beard area as shaving can also cause an inflammatory response. The products all have a subtle scent but nothing overpowering.

Also in desperation one day I used the Moisturiser and soothing moisturiser found that it was very soothing and doesn’t leave any shine or a greasy look which I have seen with many other male specific moisturisers.

To learn more about SIX Man visit there site here.

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