Some of My Favourite Peeling Products

Everything Beauty, Hand/Nails By Jun 15, 2018

As much as I love watching a good old Dr Pimple Popper video, peels are my thing. Perhaps because I never burnt much as a kid and didn’t have the chance to peel. Which now I’m immensely grateful for! But there is just something so satisfying about knowing all those dead skin cells are gone and you can speed up your cellular reproduction. This should be a 28 day cycle in a healthy adult so don’t over do it as you still want to maintain a healthy skin barrier.

I go for frequent chemical peels but when money is tight or I’m feeling a bit flaky on my face then I use The Body Shop Vitamin C Liquid Peeling lotion. It contains Camu Camu and works like magic. Honestly, I have no idea how something as affordable as R200 can do such a brilliant job but it does. You gently massage it into your skin for 20 seconds then rinse off, as you massage you’ll actually see bits of dead skin and feel them fall off. This isn’t some gimmick like those peel off black masks where you can “see the blackheads”. Nope, this is the real deal. It also doesn’t leave ones skin feel tight or harsh afterwards but I’d still recommend applying a barrier restorative product and of course SPF!

Next up we have something which I do twice a year and honestly I love it. Some of you may have heard of Baby Feet or Milky Feet but I find that the Skin Republic Foot Peel (R130) does a superb job and yes you can get those massive sheets of skin peeling off. The important thing is to soak your feet in warm water for 20 min before, leave them on for 90min and wear socks over the squishy booties. This seems to help with the absorption but are also a safety precaution in case you need to walk somewhere, they can be super slippery. Then gently rinse off and wait. Sometimes the peeling starts on day 5, other times its day 7. Try not to moisturise your feet during this time and don’t schedule a pedi otherwise you might freak out the therapist when the scales start to show and then the chunks of dry, dead skin. It’s amazing but try not to pull skin off that isn’t ready. You don’t want to risk infection.

If you’re looking for something more long-term that does a great job cleansing ones face and also contain AHA’s to exfoliate then the SIX Sensational Glycolic Acid 8% Foaming Face Wash is a deep cleansing face wash with glycolic acid to break down any build up on the skin surface leaving skin radiant and smooth. It is enriched with vitamin E, coconut oil and chamomile extract which helps to moisturise the skin and ensure that it isn’t left feeling dry or tight.

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