Solal Hydra Tone Review

Everything Beauty, Reviews, Skincare By Nov 15, 2013

Solal is one of my favourite health brands. I love the quality and science behind every product they produce, which is why I was thrilled to hear about their beauty and skin care range. After all they do pride themselves on being anti-aging specialists with a motto of “the science behind healthy skin”.

I received a Hydra Tone Hydrating Facial Spritzer to test out.

Hydra Tone is a hydrating and pre-moisturising toner which assists with the absorption of further products applied. What I liked is that it not only tones and preps the skin for creams and makeup but can also be used as a refreshing spritzer over makeup throughout the day. This is going to be a total lifesaver this summer when it sometimes feels like my makeup is melting from the heat. Men can also use Hydra Tone as a hydrating, post-shaving spritzer.

So what did I think of it? Firstly Hydra Tone has a delicious citrus scent that instantly wakes one up and makes my skin feel fresh and healthy. Citrus is also a great pick-me-up scent and when I smell it I immediately think happy thoughts so this is excellent to apply in the mornings as a toner (I may have mentioned before that I am certainly not a morning person).

Hydra Tone contains Hydrasalinol which improves the skins barrier thereby preventing loss of moisture.

D-Panthenol which is a moisturising pro-vitamin. Hyaluronate crosspolymer which has excellent moisturising properties and hydrates the skin five times more than regular hyaluronic acid. Hydra Tone does not contain any alcohol, parabens or isopropyl myristate. I feel it is so important to never use products containing alcohol on ones face yet shockingly most toners list it as their second or third ingredient which is why I am so happy that Solal has kept it completely off of their list.

My skin truly has felt more moisturised then normal and when I spray on the Hydra Tone I feel refreshed but there isn’t any icky residue as with some spritzers. I do find that it helps to “set” my makeup which is another plus. I am certainly looking forward to see what other fabulous products Solal has on offer in their beauty range.

Solal products can be purchased from Clicks, Dischem and leading health shops.