Models Own in Strawberry Tart Review

Everything Beauty, Makeup Reviews, Reviews By Nov 16, 2013

Models Own undoubtedly has the prettiest girly nail polish shades and now they have launched fruit scented polish too. How amazing is that?! The Fruit Pastel Collection reminds me of those scratch and sniff stickers, in fact it even has one the top of each lid depicting what the scent will smell like.

I picked up Strawberry Tart which is a super sweet fruity scent. While the fragrance isn’t exactly long-lasting and will fade within a day or two from your nails what I liked the most was that whilst painting my nails there was none of that usual chemical scent. A scrumptious yummy strawberry fragrance is far more bearable.

Now my gripe with this polish is that it is difficult to apply. It is very thick and gloopy. One also has to try to apply two layers to avoid any stripey effects. The other issue is that even with a base and top coat it will chip within two days. A fun, unique polish but not as promising as I had hoped it would be.