Soap and Glory Pulp Friction Review

Everything Beauty, Reviews By Aug 14, 2013

Soap and Glory is one of my favourite beauty brands when it comes to products for the body. They have a really wide range of well-priced (equivalent to under R200) and extremely effective products ranging from face to body to hands. The quirky names and packaging add to the fun and playful aspect of this range too. You feel enticed to try every item in their range and after trying just one promise me you will become hooked.

In the UK I picked up a couple of products, which I will be reviewing over the next week, but to my joy I discovered that the Rubybox store have started selling selected Soap and Glory products on their site. How exciting! The price is a little higher than what you would pay in pounds but only slightly. Right now they have only a handful of items available but will be adding more soon or so they say. Lets wait and see if Pulp Friction, the beauty cult body scrub will be amongst those products.

I adore this scrub! If you are a regular reader then you will know both body and face scrubs will always appear in my beauty basket and I am always tempted to try new ones. I can admit that I am firmly converted to Pulp Friction from now on for the body.

The consistency is awesome, squeeze out a handful and gently scrub from your shoulders down leaving for a minute or two then wash off. This works almost like an exfoliate, mask and scrub all in one. After rinsing off you are left with silky soft skin and no dreaded drying dead skin cells. The peppermint has a refreshing effect and also helps to reduce redness.

Have you ever tried Soap and Glory before and if you have what is your favourite product in the range?

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