Soap and Glory- Endless Glove and Hand Food Review

Everything Beauty, Hand/Nails, Reviews By Oct 07, 2013

I am rather OCD in that every time I touch cash I always have to sanitize my hands this then leads to me reaching immediately for hand cream. Hand creams to many are seemingly interchangeable but to me they are most certainly not. I need one that smells fresh, moisturises (without creating a hydration dependency much like with lip balms) and absorbs quickly. Nothing worse than one that you can still feel on your skin 10 minutes after applying.

I recently picked up Hand Food and Endless Glove from Soap and Glory. To me they both have fairly similar scents, clean, sweet but still very subtle.

Hand Food contains shea butter, macadamia and marshmallow which creates an immensely hydrating effect that absorbs very quickly and I feel the need to constantly carry at least one tube of this with me at all times.

Endless Glove is a 2-in-1 which doubles as a moisture mask as well as a hand cream. Yes it is heavier than Hand Food but it too absorbs fairly quickly and won’t leave a sticky feeling at all. I like to apply this after removing my nail polish and just before bedtime as a moisture mask.