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As a red wine and coffee drinker I tend to try my best to avoid stains and keep my teeth as white as possible but most teeth whitening kits are either ineffective or leave me with terrible sensitivity for weeks afterwards. I’ve found one or two that do an adequate job but I have been most impressed by the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System. It is a US based company (I always order my whitening kits from overseas) and their service is top-notch! This will be quite a long post but I feel that I need to cover every step of the process. To begin with once you order on their site a kit is sent to you, it took about a week to get to SA and I only paid a small customs fee.


In the first kit you will receive the top and bottom trays and two pastes which create a mold of your teeth. I admittedly have a very small jaw and the trays were far too large for me to use. After contacting the company they happily sent down some smaller prototypes of a smaller tray which fitted perfectly. Again top service and so accommodating. I was quite scared to do the imprints but once I did them I actually realised the process is so easy and quick and also quite fun. Simply mix up the catalyst paste and the base paste until it is a solid blue. Line the tray and pop in your mouth until it sets. Then leave to harden.



Once that step is complete simply pop the trays in the provided padded envelope and post off. From SA to the US it cost a mere R40 to send. The best part is that Smile Brilliant keep you informed during every step of the process by sending you emails so you know when the trays have been received, sent etc.


In your kit you’ll receive the trays, a de-sensitizing gel as well as the whitening gel and easy to follow step-by-step instructions for every part of the system.



The tray you receive is custom fitted so one doesn’t have to worry about the whitening gel running out and can relax while wearing them. The Smile Brilliant system also helps you to save as having a custom fitted tray made usually involves a costly trip to the dentist’s office.


The process itself is also super easy. Use the Whitening Gel Applicator to fill the trays, make sure not to put too much in. Pop the top and bottom trays in a relax for approximately an hour. The average person needs 7-14 applications, I used it less as I do have a crown which will not lighten and I didn’t want the difference to be too obvious. After only 1 application my teeth were already significantly lighter. Teeth Whitening will not make your teeth falsely blinding white but will remove stains and take them back to their natural colour.




After first application!

After first application!

I really wanted to get this post up but will do a second post once I’ve completed the full 7 sessions to show the final results. The best part is the the Smile Brilliant system does not damage ones teeth and you should always use the De-Sensitizing gel afterwards for 15 minutes to re-hydrate ones teeth and prevent any sensitivity.

The Smile Brilliant system costs $179 but is currently on special for only $119 and can be purchased online, to read more reviews you can click over here.

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